Month: November 2020

When a Toothache Is Serious, and What It Could Mean

Most people take notice when their teeth start to hurt severely. In some cases, it can be so extreme that it can cause them to miss work or school because of the discomfort. In many other cases, however, a toothache doesn’t seem serious at first. Relatively minor cases of tooth sensitivity can often be easy… Read more »

Three Things that Bonding and Contouring Can Help With

While attending routine examinations and practicing oral health habits such as flossing and brushing at home are ana excellent way to stay on top of your smile, constant wear and tear from day-to-day activities can also work in the background to weaken your teeth. In fact, daily activities such as chewing, eating, drinking, and more… Read more »

How Scaling And Root Planing Can Benefit Your Smile

It can be a concerning event when you begin to experience tooth pain, inflamed or sensitive gums, or even gum recession. Your dentist warns the importance of staying on top of routine examinations and cleanings so as to keep your smile at its best and prevent it from avoiding problems such as gum disease or… Read more »

The Negative Effects Of Putting Off Your Dental Procedure

It has been eight months into the Coronavirus pandemic, and people are still adjusting their everyday lives to keep their families safe by cutting out inessential activities and staying home. Unfortunately, services that instill concern – such as going to doctors’ visits or to the hospital – are falling into this category. It is crucial,… Read more »

Steps to Lower Your Risks of Tooth Loss

Aside from keeping your teeth clean with good dental hygiene practices, there can be different specific goals for your dental health care. For example, if your smile is healthy, you’ll need professional care from your dentist to keep it that way by consistently removing tartar (calcified plaque) from your teeth and gums. If you have… Read more »

Does Your Tooth Need a Crown to Fix It?

The good thing about modern restorative dentistry is that you have a wide range of options for dealing with nearly kind of problem your teeth might develop. For example, when many people expect to need a full restoration, such as a dental crown, to restore their tooth, they’re often surprised to learn that their dentist… Read more »

How Fixing Tooth Damage Early Saves Your Smile

When you’re confident in your dental hygiene and preventive dental care routines, it can be easy to feel like your smile is invincible. However, many cases of tooth damage occur unexpectedly, or as the result of an underlying problem that patients don’t realize they have (such as bruxism). If you don’t realize that your tooth… Read more »

How Invisalign® Simplifies Your Orthodontic Treatment

For many people, straightening crooked teeth is an important part of maintaining and preserving their good oral health in the long run. When it isn’t addressed, tooth misalignment can cause a variety of significant problems with your teeth and oral health, and straightening them is the only way to avoid these issues. Fortunately, many people… Read more »

Why Teeth Shouldn’t Feel Pain, and What It Means if They Do

When your teeth are healthy, they shouldn’t feel much. Yet, even when they start to grow sensitive, it can seem like an insignificant thing, especially if the sensitivity is minor. If one or more of your teeth feel sensitive or painful to any degree, it’s typically a sign that something is wrong with the tooth… Read more »

How Tooth Loss Can Lead to Bite Problems

Preventing tooth loss can help you avoid a lot of potentially serious problems with your oral health in the future. However, when tooth loss does occur, your risks of experiencing these problems and the subsequent results of them become substantially higher. For example, in addition to the change in your smile’s appearance, tooth loss can… Read more »