Month: December 2019

The Path to Needing Root Canal Treatment

Most people connect the term tooth decay with cavities and tooth fillings. That’s because cavities, which are depressions that decay causes to form in your tooth structure, are common, and fillings are the often the best way to treat them. However, tooth decay takes on a far more serious connotation when it’s allowed to progress… Read more »

The Problem of Chronic Teeth-Grinding (Bruxism)

Some things are obviously dangerous to your teeth, like excessive amounts of sugar and plaque buildup. However, some things aren’t as obvious, but can still be an enormous threat to your oral health if they’re allowed to remain unaddressed. For example, chronic teeth-grinding, also referred to as bruxism, is a significant concern for many patients… Read more »

A Quick Guide to Scaling and Root Planing

Most people recognize that regular cleaning is the cornerstone of good dental hygiene. Every day, your toothbrush and floss clean away the plaque that builds up on your teeth and gum line. Every six months or so, your dentist or hygienist should clean away the tartar (calcified plaque) that’s developed since your last visit. Sometimes,… Read more »

Have You Checked Up On Your Smile Recently?

Good hygiene is second-nature to most of us, and has been for a significant portion of our lives. However, there are several important tenets of good hygiene that people can easily forget, such as the importance of visiting your dentist on a regular basis for preventive checkups and cleanings. In addition to keeping your teeth… Read more »