Month: August 2020

When Root Canal Treatment Is Typically Recommended

Root Canal Treatment Saves Teeth

Many people recognize what root canal treatment is, and the fact that it’s typically recommended for addressing a severe, internal case of tooth decay. However, the specific ways in which a tooth’s interior chambers can become compromised and the need for root canal treatment arises can vary from patient to patient. In some cases, you… Read more »

Does Grinding Your Teeth Mean You Have Bruxism?

Some symptoms of oral health concerns are obvious, and the moment you experience them, you have a good idea what to do about it. For example, if your tooth hurts, you might automatically know something’s wrong with your tooth, even if you don’t know exactly what. However, not all oral health problems are that easy… Read more »

Can Scaling and Root Planing Cure Your Gingivitis?

The problem with treating many dental health concerns is that treatment isn’t always exactly a cure. For example, in many cases of gum disease, the condition that affects your gum tissues can remain a threat even after you’ve received treatment for it. From that point forward, your goal will be to consistently manage the condition… Read more »

Why It Matters that You Don’t Skip Your Dental Checkup

The importance of regular dental checkups and cleanings to your oral health is no secret. However, the significance of growing lax in your routine or skipping an appointment here and there might not be obvious until the consequences of it become noticeable in the form of poor oral health. Today, we take a closer look… Read more »

The Surest Way to Cure a Chronic Toothache

If you’ve ever tried a home remedy or over-the-counter pain reliever to cure your toothache, but the discomfort came back, there’s a good reason why. In most cases, a sensitive or aching tooth is a sign that the tooth has a more serious problem than you might realize. Like most oral health concerns, this means… Read more »

A Few Important Facts About Tooth Loss

Many people recognize that losing one or more teeth is a problem, and that replacing their lost teeth is important to the state of their oral health. However, there is much about tooth loss that people often misunderstand, even if they’ve already experienced it. This can include the fact that tooth loss is often preventable,… Read more »

How to Treat a Cracked Tooth Conservatively

The focus on conservative dental treatment is important for many different reasons. When it comes to your comfort and convenience, designing your treatment to be minimally invasive helps make your overall dental treatment easier to manage. In terms of your long-term dental health, conservative treatment means minimizing any changes to your healthy tooth structure to… Read more »

Choosing Invisalign® for the Right Reasons

There are many less-than-ideal reasons why older teeth and adult patients might hesitate to choose straightening their crooked teeth. For example, some may hesitate out of worry about how the placement of traditional braces may impact their smiles’ appearance and their overall confidence. The problem is that hesitating to straighten crooked teeth may only make… Read more »

Improve Your Chances of Avoiding Stained Teeth

If you notice that your smile has lost some of its youthful glow, it may be concerning. The good news is that most cases of teeth stains are relatively minor concerns that don’t significantly threaten your oral health. However, they can have a significant impact on your smile’s appearance, and the longer they remain, the… Read more »

What Can a Veneer Do to Fix Your Smile?

For many people who exhibit certain types of cosmetic concerns with their smiles, especially multiple concerns on several teeth, porcelain veneers are often the ideal solution. The highly lifelike cosmetic appearance of porcelain veneers makes them virtually indistinguishable from your healthy, natural tooth structure. Also, their ultra-thin construction make them a minimally invasive solution to… Read more »