Conservative Treatment to Improve Your Smile

Stains may be the most common concern to affect your smile, but there are many other issues that could potentially mar your teeth’s appearance. For example, things like chipped or worn teeth surfaces, light tooth cracks, and more can’t be addressed with a topical teeth-whitening treatment, like stains can. Tooth bonding and contouring are minimally invasive cosmetic treatments that are designed to make improving your smile simple and convenient, even when you have more than just stained teeth to address. If you want to improve your smile and minimize the extent of your treatment while doing it, then bonding and contouring may be your best option.

What is bonding & contouring?

Tooth bonding and contouring are similar in their minimally invasive approach, but differ significantly in what they accomplish. For example, bonding a tooth means to build up and restore its structure using a tooth-colored, biocompatible resin. After customizing the resin to match your tooth’s color and shade, we can bond it to your tooth and sculpt it to match or correct the tooth’s shape and size. By contrast, contouring a tooth means to gently sculpt a small amount of its outer enamel. The cosmetic procedure is carefully planned to minimize the amount of enamel that must be sculpted to help you improve your tooth’s appearance while also preserving a maximum amount of its healthy enamel and structure.

What can bonding & contouring do?

Tooth bonding and contouring are popular treatments for several reasons. Their minimally invasive nature makes them preferable for helping you maintain your optimal oral health, as both treatments involve little or no permanent changes to your healthy tooth structure. Both treatments are also highly effective at improving your smile’s appearance by affecting small, strategic improvements to your teeth. In some cases, tooth bonding and contouring can serve as more conservative alternatives to treatments that involve more extensive preparation, such as dental crowns or porcelain veneers.

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