Enhanced Comfort with Oral Sedation

Mild sedation, such as nitrous oxide, is often appropriate for patients who want to experience more comfortable dental treatment, or need to alleviate mild anxiety. However, many patients experience strong levels of anxiety or fear that require a more potent solution, such as oral sedation. Unlike nitrous oxide, oral sedation comes in the form of a medication that you take before your procedure, and the effects are stronger than those produced by nitrous oxide sedation. Because of its more potent effects, oral sedation may be recommended for patients undergoing extensive dental work, as well.

How does oral sedation work?

Unlike nitrous oxide, which is administered throughout the course of your treatment, oral medication is taken as a pill or liquid medication shortly before your procedure begins. This gives the sedative time to work its way into your system and take effect before you sit in the dentist’s chair. After your treatment, the effects of the medication will take longer to dissipate than nitrous oxide, so you may still be groggy and need a responsible adult to drive you home from your appointment. For stronger effects, we may also recommend taking an oral sedative the night before your procedure so that you can rest properly before your visit.

Ask us about oral sedation

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