Start The Year Off Right With A January Checkup

January Checkup leawood ksHow long has it been since your last dental examination and cleaning? Generally, patients need routine dental checkups every six months, and some people can benefit from an accelerated schedule of treatment. If it has been longer than this, take some time to find your way back to a positive path of prevention. Starting your year off with a semiannual dental checkup could be a helpful way to keep yourself on schedule. This way, you know that every time the calendar changes, it is time to see the dentist for a January checkup!

At our office, your Leawood, KS dentist can help you to stay on top of your dental care. Your oral health relies upon consistent maintenance, and that all starts with your routine visits for imagery and examinations, so if you have been holding off on your appointments, you could be doing your smile a disservice. Plaque and tartar can start to form in between your checkups, leading to tooth decay and periodontal infection. Take control of your oral health with a dental checkup at the start of the year and discover the difference! (more…)