Month: December 2021

Higher Quality Solutions With Technology

Young woman patient standing in x-ray machine. Panoramic radiography

Though dental prevention is the name of the game when it comes to caring for your smile, bear in mind that staying on top of your routine 100 percent of the time is a difficult task. Indeed, there are a number of factors out there that can influence your smile’s health significantly, and sometimes, these… Read more »

Why Should You Pursue Implant Dentistry?

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It goes without saying that, in an ideal world, we would not have to worry about premature tooth loss, as the practice of brushing daily would be enough to allow for a lifelong smile. Unfortunately, this is not the reality we live in, and major dental concerns vary significantly. As such, there are a variety… Read more »

How A Bridge Addresses Tooth Loss

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Our smiles are one of our greatest assets, and they certainly can withstand a number of circumstances. As a matter of fact, the enamel that surrounds each tooth is the toughest substance your body can produce. While it provides a sufficient level of protection, it is important that we also do our part to keep… Read more »

When Should You Consider Dental Crowns?

processing and correction of the dental crown. laboratory

Enduring a chip or crack in a tooth can be a troubling process, especially if the concern goes deeper than the surface. Though cosmetic procedures can assist surface-level issues, any concern that impacts your oral function and oral health directly should be handled promptly with restorative treatment. But just how helpful are these options, and… Read more »

Why Filling Those Cavities Matters

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Brushing your teeth may come as second nature by now. After all, you have been doing it for the majority of your life, and it has become so ingrained in your everyday routine that you may wake every morning and brush, or brush before bed without even giving it much thought. During this process, however,… Read more »

Why You Can Benefit From A Root Canal

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It goes without saying that caring for your teeth is a lifelong process. What’s more? There are a number of different factors that influence your oral health, including your gums, tongue, and roots. As such, your regular preventive dental routine should be reflective of this process.  Even still, sometimes disease or infection may have other… Read more »

Ways Periodontal Cleanings Benefit You

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Providing care for your smile often means more than just brushing your teeth every morning. In fact, it can mean using a mouthguard to protect your structures, consuming fewer sweets to avoid cavities and other signs of decay, and even receiving additional treatment in the event something else occurs. Indeed, your oral care routine is… Read more »

Major Functions Of Dental Mouthguards

Three-year old boy shows myofunctional trainer to illuminate mouth breathing habit. Helps equalize the growing teeth and correct bite. Corrects the position of the tongue.

At a young age, attending dental visits may seem a bit daunting. Indeed, we are often flooded with a number of ‘what if’ questions because it is an experience we have never had before. Questions that come to mind involve what are all of the tools being used? Will my treatment hurt? What if I… Read more »

Dental Instruments: What’s In My Mouth?

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Taking care of your smile is a process you will be practicing for the rest of your life, as oral bacteria and other germs never truly cease attempting to compromise your structures. Indeed, the use of mouthwash, floss, and brushing lays a great foundation for care, however, attending your checkups is still essential to provide… Read more »

How Mouthwash Elevates Your At-Home Care

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It goes without saying that everyone requires some level of oral health care in order to ensure their smile is strong, youthful, and happy overall. Indeed, most dentists recommend a preventive dental routine that pays attention to your teeth, gums, and tissues in particular, but not every patient is convinced that flossing or brushing is… Read more »