Close up cropped half face portrait of attractive, nude, natural, perfect, ideal girl with healthy white teeth isolated on beige background, perfection, wellness, wellbeing, restoration conceptBrushing your teeth may come as second nature by now. After all, you have been doing it for the majority of your life, and it has become so ingrained in your everyday routine that you may wake every morning and brush, or brush before bed without even giving it much thought. During this process, however, you may not notice slacking in terms of quality, which can lead to major complications down the line such as infected teeth roots or even tooth loss altogether. Fortunately, our team is prepared to help. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist takes a look at the impact of a lackluster preventive dental routine, as well as how treating your cavities early with a filling can help.

They Will Only Get Worse

Though cavities may seem to be a common phenomenon in that most people experience one at least once in their lives, this does not mean that they are completely harmless. As a matter of fact, a cavity is one of the earliest signs of dental decay, a process that gradually compromises your oral structures through infection and harm.

Indeed, dental decay is among the most common oral health threats out there, affecting millions of Americans every single year. What’s more? It can arise in a variety of stages, beginning with minor caries and soft spots to cavities and even infected teeth roots. Further, the longer you wait to seek treatment, the more difficult it will be to successfully address.

In other words, any dental concern that arises is always best treated sooner rather than later, and the last thing you want is to potentially lose a tooth. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

The Impact on Function

In addition to the situation only getting worse, another major concern that arises with a cavity and spreading infection is how it impacts your oral function. You see, in the early stages of decay, you may not even recognize that there is a problem. As it progresses, however, it will begin to cause pain, sensitivity, and even complications when biting or chewing. In order to avoid this process, you will need to visit our office and have the situation treated with a composite resin filling. To learn more, contact our office today.

Avoiding Premature Tooth Loss

In the worst of cases, patients waited to have their cavities filled for so long that the infection spread to their inner tooth roots and compromised an entire tooth. In cases such as these, the next viable option is a dental extraction in order to preserve your oral health. Though this process can help, the truth is that nobody wants to lose a natural structure.

Learn More Today

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