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Answering Three Questions About Preventive Care

Young people hiding faces behind paper sheets with question marks while waiting for job interview indoors

When it comes to taking measures to sustain a healthy, lifelong smile, preventive care is the name of the game. In fact, routine preventive care can oftentimes help prevent much more serious dental concerns from arising down the line, such as decay, infection, and even tooth loss. While you may think you have a grasp… Read more »

Addressing Cosmetic Blemishes with Porcelain Veneers

Diastema between tooth. Spacing between front teeth

With the holidays just around the corner, many can expect gatherings with family and friends and taking photos to document the warmth and comfort. Many individuals might view this occasion with fear, however, as slight unevenness and blemishes in your grin can cause anxiety in your appearance, making family photos something to avoid. Whether you… Read more »

Why You Should Replace a Lost Tooth

While tooth aches and pains do occur, persistent pain is not a common occurrence and could actually be indicative that there is a bigger issue at hand. In fact, if you allow your pain to continue without remedy, it could actually lead to decay and even tooth loss. You may even need to have the… Read more »

How Scaling And Root Planing Can Benefit Your Smile

It can be a concerning event when you begin to experience tooth pain, inflamed or sensitive gums, or even gum recession. Your dentist warns the importance of staying on top of routine examinations and cleanings so as to keep your smile at its best and prevent it from avoiding problems such as gum disease or… Read more »

3 Serious Problems that Arise from Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth seem like an obvious problem. While it can occur to varying degrees, a misalignment in your teeth can typically be noticeable whenever you show off your smile. However, the noticeable impact of your teeth being misaligned isn’t the only problem associated with crooked teeth. There are several more, many of which can lead… Read more »

When Dentures Are Supported by Dental Implants

When it comes to repairing a tooth, you often have several different options for accomplishing your goals, depending on the nature and extent of the tooth’s damage. However, when it comes to replacing one, several, or all of the teeth on your dental ridge, your treatment choices typically boil down to the restoration that best… Read more »

3 Things that Can Make Your Teeth Weaker

Your teeth are healthiest when they’re strong, and they’re designed to maintain their strength and integrity in numerous ways. For example, the enamel that surrounds them is the most resilient substance your body produces, and when healthy, it can effectively protect your teeth from immense bite pressure, harmful oral bacteria, and more. Also, the alignment… Read more »

When Root Canal Treatment Is Typically Recommended

Root Canal Treatment Saves Teeth

Many people recognize what root canal treatment is, and the fact that it’s typically recommended for addressing a severe, internal case of tooth decay. However, the specific ways in which a tooth’s interior chambers can become compromised and the need for root canal treatment arises can vary from patient to patient. In some cases, you… Read more »

Why It Matters that You Don’t Skip Your Dental Checkup

The importance of regular dental checkups and cleanings to your oral health is no secret. However, the significance of growing lax in your routine or skipping an appointment here and there might not be obvious until the consequences of it become noticeable in the form of poor oral health. Today, we take a closer look… Read more »

The Major Benefits of Children’s Dentistry

Many first-time parents often wonder at what point they should begin focusing on their child’s oral health. Your child’s teeth need attention and care from the moment they first erupt. Now, caring for that first tiny tooth may be pretty simple compared to trying to brush a full set of teeth twice a day, but… Read more »