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Oral Care And Your Mental Health

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Your health matters tremendously, and we mean more than just your oral health. Your physical health, mental health, and more contribute to a lot more than you might readily expect, and as such, it is imperative you take strides to ensure you are taken care of and healthy. This Sunday, October 10, is World Mental… Read more »

Caring For Your Smile In The Fall

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Sometimes making it into the dentist’s office is a lot easier said than done. For instance, maybe dental anxiety prevents you from attending your routine visits, or maybe a vacation or other event causes you to prolong seeking necessary treatment. Regardless of the causes, however, one thing remains consistent: the longer you wait to seek… Read more »

What Comprises Effective Prevention?

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Just as cosmetic dentistry is an area that specifically handles surface-level concerns, restorative dentistry is a unique area that addresses issues more commonly associated with damage to your oral health, function, and structure. What’s more? The last thing you or your dentist want is for you to permanently lose a tooth, and as such, restorative… Read more »

Why Restorative Treatment Is Important

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Taking care of your smile is a lifelong endeavor, and an effective dental routine is the number one way to pave a path for a healthy grin. Even still, accidents can occur at any time, and depending on the severity of the situation, your preventive routine might not cut it. Asa result, a backup plan… Read more »

Important Purposes Of Dental Checkups

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From a young age, you are often told about the necessity of brushing your teeth. Indeed, you were told how cavities and other concerns could cause your teeth to rot, and without proper care, they could lead to permanent tooth loss. While nobody wants to lose a natural structure, sometimes a person must make the… Read more »

Your Checkup Is Necessary For Your Oral Health

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Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, your smile endures a significant amount of wear and tear over the years. In fact, almost everything can impact your grin in one way or another, and most of the time, it is for worse. Because of this, an excellent dental care routine is necessary for maintaining… Read more »

The Connection Between Summer And Oral Cancer

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Summer is finally here, and families across the United States are gearing up for a fun-filled season. With most restaurants and event spaces open at full capacity and the benefit of a COVID-19 vaccine, many are aiming to make the most out of the warm months in order to make up for last year’s pandemic… Read more »

Why You Can’t Ignore Your Cavities

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It goes without saying that many individuals experience some form of dental decay at one point or another in their lives, whether it is a major case of root canal infection or the minor beginnings of a simple cavity. In fact, decay is one of the most common oral health concerns there are, affecting millions… Read more »

Oral Cancer Screenings For Children’s Smiles

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Keeping your oral health up-to-date consists of more than just ensuring you are flossing and brushing your teeth regularly. In fact, it involves taking care of all aspects that contribute to it, including every portion of your oral cavity. Indeed, your teeth are a primary focus, but they are not the only ones to care… Read more »

Fillings Repair Cavities In One Visit

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When you have an aching tooth, this could mean the presence of tooth decay. Treatment is vital to avoid complications like dental infection, or even a lost tooth. Fortunately, your Leawood, KS, dentist can provide repair in one visit with our dental fillings. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how we place one, and what… Read more »