Month: April 2021

Cosmetically Brightening Your Grin

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Dental decay has long been the bad guy when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile. Indeed, the phenomenon affects millions of individuals every year, and can take a variety of forms. These include cavities as well as internal infection that requires root canal therapy. While it is a common concern, it is not one… Read more »

When Dental Decay Causes Cavities

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Your oral health is impacted by a variety of factors and conditions that can lend themselves to much larger complications as time goes by. Indeed, treatments such as fluoride and other items are intended to help boost your grin’s strength and protect against the dangers of oral bacteria and infection. Still, complications can arise that… Read more »

Ask About Fluoride At Your Next Family Visit

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When it comes to making sure your smile is in tip-top condition, preventive dentistry has a number of answers. Indeed, a well-rounded routine consists of brushing and flossing regularly, attending checkups, and paying mind to what you consume. Even still, there may arise times where you feel as though you are doing everything right, but… Read more »

Extra Protection With Partial Crowns

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In our previous blog, we discussed the many variables that have a negative impact on your smile’s health, as well as what to look out for when it comes to handling gum disease. Indeed, the list of factors that negatively influence your grin is much longer a list than the factors benefiting your smile. This… Read more »

What To Know About Gum Disease

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At times, it may seem like nothing can be worse than dealing with an unsightly blemish in your grin. While nobody wants their smile tarnished with a minor stain or chip, cosmetic concerns are nothing in comparison to dangerous dysfunction, decay, and even gum infections. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist will take a… Read more »

A Permanent Solution to Various Blemishes

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It goes without saying that there are several factors that can threaten your oral health and cause significant damage. What’s more, your chances of experiencing tooth loss increase greatly, a phenomenon that nobody wants to go through. For some, however, an effective preventive routine and routine checkups are enough to promote a healthy smile for… Read more »

How Bruxism Leads To Jaw Dysfunction

TMJ medical abbreviation of temporomandibular joint. TMJ letters surrounded by human skull with lower jaw, neurological hammer and radiographs. Concept of anatomy, pathology of temporomandibular joint

While there are a number of factors we can control when it comes to our grins, there are also factors that we have no influence over. Indeed, having a misaligned smile is one of the former situations, as corrective measures can help guide your teeth in an optimal position. Chronic teeth grinding is similar in… Read more »

Subtle Correction With Invisalign®

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Oftentimes the biggest fear that individuals run into is the fear of losing their natural teeth. Indeed, structural loss is a frightening concept that plaques the minds of many, but it is far from the only dental concern that people have to worry about. In fact, it is important to understand that an entire spectrum… Read more »

Can You Benefit From Partial Dentures?

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Procedures that were once perceived to be extremely grueling and potentially painful are now made much calmer with the help of sedation dentistry. Indeed, while many do not prefer to lose their natural teeth, sometimes it is necessary in order to preserve one’s oral health. In other cases, there is likely no other option. In… Read more »

Don’t Let Anxiety Interfere With Your Visit

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When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile for life, you might not get that far without the help of preventive dentistry. In fact, it is your main line of defense when protecting your teeth from harmful bacteria and other dental concerns. Your preventive routine includes brushing and flossing at home as well as attending… Read more »