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Talk To Your Dentist If You Are Struggling With Jaw Pain

Living with pain that occurs whenever you bite, chew, or speak can can be difficult. It can also be a sign that your jaw is out of alignment, something that can lead to chronic discomfort, more frequent headaches, and issues with teeth grinding. At our Leawood, KS dentist’s office, we can help patients who start… Read more »

How A Custom Appliance Can Help Your Smile

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It goes without saying that oral bacteria are often the source of a number of dental concerns. What’s more, moderate to extensive restorative measures may be required to preserve your oral health and your natural structures in the process. Even still, some individuals face bigger concerns from sources one might not initially expect, including grinding… Read more »

Has Trouble With Teeth Grinding Changed Your Smile?

When you have issues with teeth grinding, you can create problems with chronic jaw pain for yourself, and you can also start to experience worrying dental wear and tear. Even if the damage to your enamel is not serious enough for restorative dental work, it can affect your smile in ways that make you self-conscious…. Read more »

How Chronic Teeth Grinding Threatens Your Health

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For a number of people out there, the biggest threat to a perfect smile does not have to do with harmful oral bacteria, but instead, unconscious teeth grinding throughout the night. Indeed, bruxism – the name given to chronic teeth grinding – affects a number of people every year. While it may not seem like… Read more »

Understanding How TMJ Affects You

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Many oral concerns are quite noticeable when you experience them, such as cracking a tooth, enduring sensitivity, and fighting off infection. For other concerns such as an aching jaw or noticeable popping, however, the source of the concern as well as how serious it could be is not as readily or easily known. In today’s… Read more »

What Grinding Your Teeth Really Does to Your Smile

At one point or another as an adult you have experienced waking up from a restless night of sleep. Not only has this impacted your quality of sleep, but your day as well by causing fatigue, irritability, and more. Other times, you may have awoken with a headache or an aching jaw. While all of… Read more »

Signs that You Might Be Grinding Your Teeth at Night

Bruxism, or chronic teeth-grinding, is a more common problem than many people realize. It can also occur in various forms, such as daytime and nighttime bruxism, that might make identifying the problem on your own more difficult. For example, if you have nighttime bruxism, it means the problem of constantly grinding your teeth occurs most… Read more »

The Kinds of Problems Teeth Develop from Bruxism

People who have a problem with bruxism, or chronic teeth-grinding, don’t always realize that it’s a problem at first. For example, most of them don’t realize just how often they grind their teeth together, and the times they do notice it, the action may not seem severe. However, having a bruxism problem means that you… Read more »

Why Do Some Teeth Wear Down Faster?

There are many different reasons for your teeth to exhibit certain problems with their structures. One of these problems includes the wearing down of your teeth’s chewing surfaces, which can occur for a number of different reasons and have an even broader range of impacts on your oral health. When your teeth become worn-down, it… Read more »

Does Grinding Your Teeth Mean You Have Bruxism?

Some symptoms of oral health concerns are obvious, and the moment you experience them, you have a good idea what to do about it. For example, if your tooth hurts, you might automatically know something’s wrong with your tooth, even if you don’t know exactly what. However, not all oral health problems are that easy… Read more »