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Addressing Chips And Cracks

Young man in a blue T-shirt with a chipped tooth

Cosmetic inconsistencies can be a nuisance to address, as they often result from a variety of different factors and subsequently often call for a variety of solutions. What’s more, it never is as simple as placing a concern in a single category, as a number of issues that affect your oral function may also affect… Read more »

Are Your Stains Too Complex For Whitening?

Metal free ceramic dental crowns

While your smile’s function is one of the most important aspects of your oral health, its appearance plays a significant role as well. Indeed, our grins endure a number of situations that can lead to its degradation in both appearance and health, and it is up to us to ensure we are doing everything we… Read more »

Dental Whitening Can Brighten Your Grin

beauty and dental health concept - beautiful woman with white teeth, before and afterbeauty and dental health concept - beautiful woman with white teeth, before and after

Making sure that your teeth are protected and taken care of can be more involved than you may think. In fact, a number of factors can contribute to functional, structural, and even cosmetic concerns, including bruxism, decay, infection, tooth loss, and more. Even still, while you may practice excellent preventive care, stains may still tarnish… Read more »

Perfecting Your Smile With Veneers

dental crowns and veneers

It is often a goal of many to maintain a healthy grin for life, both functionally and cosmetically. While a number of procedures have been streamlined to make achieving this goal more optimal and possible, many adults fail to take necessary preventive measures in the first place, meaning restorative and cosmetic dentistry may be a… Read more »

When Misalignment Can Be Handled Discreetly

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Dental concerns such as broken or chipped teeth, periodontal disease, and more are only a few of the many problems that may arise at one point or another throughout life. The common denominator that leads to these issues typically involves some combination of harmful bacteria and sub-par preventive care, but can usually be treated with… Read more »

Are You Someone Who Can Benefit From Teeth Whitening?

As time passes, many people start to worry that their smile is becoming dim, dull, and generally discolored. Enamel stains can gradually build up over time even when you have good habits in place to keep your teeth cavity-free. Does this mean you are stuck with a smile that looks older and less attractive? Store… Read more »

Has Trouble With Teeth Grinding Changed Your Smile?

When you have issues with teeth grinding, you can create problems with chronic jaw pain for yourself, and you can also start to experience worrying dental wear and tear. Even if the damage to your enamel is not serious enough for restorative dental work, it can affect your smile in ways that make you self-conscious…. Read more »

A Few Ways Dental Bonding And Contouring Enhance Your Grin

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As you may know, the biggest threat to most people’s smiles involves oral bacteria that have been left to wreak havoc on your teeth and other oral structures. In some cases, however, the biggest threat can actually arise from other circumstances such as grinding your teeth at night or even experiencing a severe crack or… Read more »

A Conservative Approach To A Cracked Tooth

Many individuals endure a form of dental anxiety in which the notion of extensive treatment or excessive structural change bars them from attending necessary visits that keeps up with their oral health. What this also means is that their smiles are even more at risk for infections such as periodontal disease, tooth decay, and loss…. Read more »

How In-Office Teeth-Whitening Yields Better Results

While you may be taking every step to ensure a lifelong smile – including brushing and flossing regularly, visiting our team twice a year for a routine examination and cleaning, and even paying extra mind to the foods and beverages you consume as well as their effects on your teeth – your smile will continue… Read more »