Safer X-Rays with Digital Imaging

X-rays are the most routine part of dental health imaging, and may be taken even if you aren’t planning additional treatment. On average, X-rays are taken at least once a year to keep your dental records up-to-date and accurate. To help make the process faster, more comfortable, and more convenient, we utilize digital imaging technology to capture digital X-rays that are more precise, more detailed, and faster to develop. Your routine visits will take less time to complete, and your dental records will be easier to keep updated.

The benefits of digital X-rays

There are many different benefits to utilizing digital X-rays, including a higher level of safety than traditional ones. For instance, they produce up to 90% less radiation during the image capturing process, which makes them safer for a wider variety of patients of all ages. Also, digital X-rays can be produced almost instantly, and the digital images can be enlarged without losing any of their clarity.

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