3D Dental Imaging for Digital Molds

Imaging technology has been one of the most important innovations in advanced dentistry. The ability to digitally scan and view your oral structures, and create digital molds with precise details, allows for a higher level of accuracy and quality of treatment. For example, 3D cone beam imaging is an important addition to planning for a variety of dental procedures with optimal comfort, convenience, and results. Using multiple digital X-rays, which are taken from different angles, cone beam imaging allows us to create a detailed mold of your teeth and oral structures without the use of potentially messy mold material.

The benefits of 3D cone beam imaging

3D cone beam imaging offers a number of different advantages, including the enhanced precision that comes with digital imaging. Having a clear picture of your teeth, oral tissues and structures helps ensure optimal accuracy when diagnosing oral health issues or planning for more precise cosmetic or restorative treatment. If you need to restore your smile with dental implants, 3D cone beam imaging may also play a vital role in planning your treatment.

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