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Understanding Your Child’s Preventive Routine


Believe it or not, it is never too early to teach your child the importance of taking care of their smile. After all, oral threats such as bacteria and infection begin to target their grins as soon as they develop. Indeed, children’s dentistry serves a great many purposes, including proper health care and what quality… Read more »

Encouraging Children To Care For Their Smiles

children's dentist examines the teeth and mouth of the child - a cute red-haired girl sitting in a dental chair. Pediatric dentistry

Ever since we can remember, our parents, dentists, and more have been telling us how important it is to take excellent care of our smiles so that our teeth can remain healthy and strong for life. Indeed, this can best be accomplished through a well-rounded preventive dental routine, and whether you are aware of it… Read more »

Protecting Tiny Smiles With Care

Dental treatment without fear. Female dentist in whilte uniform and gloves, examining teeth of little African American girl, while her mother supporting her behind, at modern pediatric dental clinic.

Just as adults face a variety of threats to their smile’s health, so do children. In fact, developing grins could use just as much preventive care, if not more, to ensure proper development and health. Indeed, tiny grins do not necessarily have as much enforcement or support from years of durability as adult teeth do,… Read more »

What We Look For In Your Exam

Baby cute girl gives five dentist. Little girl in the dentist's chair

In our previous blog, we discussed the important role your professional cleaning plays as well as how it helps keep your smile clean and strong. Indeed, oral health takes a lot more care than you may initially have expected, and an excellent preventive routine is a well-rounded one. Just as your cleaning makes a major… Read more »

Preventive Care and Tiny Smiles

Dentist examining teeth of little boy with his mother watching at dental clinic

Attending a routine checkup and cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining excellent oral health. What’s more, this is even more true when it comes to younger grins. Indeed, there is much to consider when adhering to a preventive routine, as yours should be even more involved than you might have initially thought. In today’s… Read more »

Protecting Little Grins with Preventive Dentistry

Girl child keeping her mouth open while dentist performs checkup.

By now, most individuals and families are aware of the negative consequences that arise from neglecting oral health. While some concerns such as cavities or plaque may appear minor and easily reversible when acted on in a timely manner, other circumstances such as root canal procedures, periodontal disease, and even extraction may inevitably be the… Read more »