Month: May 2020

Do Your Teeth Seem Worn Down? Why You Should Restore Them

A lot of things might come to mind when you think of your oral health, such as preventing cavities and spotting gum disease. However, your tooth structure wearing down isn’t something you might worry about until you notice that it’s occurred. Worn down teeth can mean a couple of things, such as you grind your… Read more »

A Few Ways Implants Can Improve Your Denture

With the right custom-designed denture, most patients who experience severe or complete tooth loss (also known as edentulism) can often bounce back with impressive results. This is largely due to modern dentures’ ability to closely mimic the appearance of healthy, natural teeth, from their color and shade to the details of their contours, and more…. Read more »

Questions About Your Dental Implant Candidacy

The best way to replace a lost tooth is to replace as much of it as possible, and with a restoration that mimics the healthy structure of your tooth as closely as possible. For many people, that makes dental implants, which are designed to replace your lost teeth roots, the most beneficial solution for replacing… Read more »

The Different Roles of Root Canal Treatment in Saving Teeth

The most common role of root canal treatment is to treat a tooth that’s developed decay (or tooth infection) within its pulp and root canal. However, the nature of how decay reaches this area of your tooth isn’t always the same for everyone, and therefore, neither is the need for root canal treatment. Today, we… Read more »

How TMJ Disorder Impacts More than Your Oral Health

The health and function of your teeth, jaws, and bite structures are intricately connected in a wide variety of ways. For example, your temporomandibular joints, which are located on either side of your jaw, are responsible for allowing your lower jaw to move when you bite, chew, and speak. Their proper function relies on several… Read more »