With the right custom-designed denture, most patients who experience severe or complete tooth loss (also known as edentulism) can often bounce back with impressive results. This is largely due to modern dentures’ ability to closely mimic the appearance of healthy, natural teeth, from their color and shade to the details of their contours, and more. However, many modern dentures still have room for improvement in one specific area – the ways in which they’re supported along your dental ridge. Today, we look at how an appropriate number of dental implants can provide your denture with more lifelike support by mimicking the healthy roots of your natural teeth.

What dental implants provide your denture

While dentures and other modern dental prostheses are designed to replicate your healthy, visible tooth structure, dental implants are the only restoration designed to replace your lost teeth roots. To accomplish this, the biocompatible posts are placed within your jawbone where you’ve lost teeth roots, and the surrounding bone structure fuses to their surfaces as it heals. The implant posts can then support your denture or overdenture with a greater level of comfort and stability. Because each implant post is placed separately, they can be utilized to support any size denture.

The long-term advantages of implanted posts

The benefits of supporting your denture on dental implants range from improving your denture’s overall stability to restoring the vital functions of your lost teeth roots. For example, dental implants hold your denture to your upper or lower dental ridge with more lifelike security, preventing it from losing its grip and shifting when you bite, chew, or speak with it. Dental implants also provide essential stimulation to your jawbone once they’ve been placed, which can be lost after you lose one or more natural teeth roots.

Are you a candidate for an implant denture?

The good thing about dental implants is that they’re a good option for addressing tooth loss of varying degrees. This means more people can experience the significant benefits of dental implants, regardless of their severity of tooth loss. To determine if you’re a good candidate for improving your denture with dental implants, we can perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth, jawbone, and oral structures. If you are, then upgrading your restoration may help you do more to preserve your smile and prevent the long-term effects of tooth loss.

Learn if implants can improve your dentures

With the support of lifelike dental implants, your denture or overdenture can do more to restore and preserve your healthy smile. To learn more, schedule an appointment with us by calling Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, KS, today at 913-681-5500.