Month: September 2021

How Dental Porcelain Can Be Lifelike

Metal free ceramic dental crowns isolated on a blue background

It goes without saying that you can put all the effort possible into taking care of your smile, but even falling short in just one category is enough to allow harmful bacteria and other concerns to wreak havoc. Indeed, caring for your teeth and other oral structures is a lifelong process, and as such, you… Read more »

The Many Impacts Of Surface-Level Concerns

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For many patients, one of the common oral health goals they have is to obtain a healthy and vibrant smile. Indeed, this can be accomplished through consistent preventive care and a cosmetic treatment or two, and most individuals benefit from some form of cosmetic treatment such as teeth whitening. But what happens when you develop… Read more »

When Can You Benefit From Teeth-Whitening?

Woman is whitening teeth with special toothpaste and LED light at home. Beauty concept

Believe it or not, loving your smile and feeling confident in your own skin can be a longer and more involved process than you might have thought. Indeed, there are countless issues out there that impact your smile in some form or another, and any number of these items can affect you and your teeth… Read more »

Enhancing Your Smile Through Tooth Jewelry

Close-up tooth piercing crystal isolated on a white background

It goes without saying that the most important aspect to consider when it comes to taking care of your teeth is your oral health. After all, a bright and youthful smile cannot be achieved if there are underlying health complications such as tooth decay, infection, and missing teeth. Bear in mind, however, that this does… Read more »

Solutions For Noticeable Gaps

ceramic crowns of human teeth closeup macro isolate on black background. The concept aesthetic dentistry

Providing protection for your smile can take a number of forms, including a dental crown placed over a tooth, periodontal cleaning to remove deposits of plaque on your roots, and even replacing one or more missing teeth. What’s more? Each case is unique, and what your treatment looks like will depend largely on your situation… Read more »

Providing Protection With Dental Crowns

processing and correction of the dental crown. laboratory

While your dental enamel might be the strongest substance in the human body, bear in mind that it can still be damaged. Indeed, once your enamel is gone, there is nothing separating your teeth from the dangers of oral bacteria, infection, decay, and much more. As such, there are practices out there that can help… Read more »

Mitigating Damage With Root Canal Therapy

Full Obturation of Root Canal Systems On Teeth X-Ray

By now you are likely aware of some of the many threats that are constantly trying to compromise your smile’s health, including dental decay, infection, and tooth loss. While you may be doing everything you can to ensure proper oral health and care, sometimes complications can develop at a much more rapid rate than expected…. Read more »

Major Benefits Of Composite Resin Fillings

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It goes without saying that the last thing a person wants to experience is losing one or more teeth permanently. Indeed, while advances in dental technology have made it possible to replace lost structures in a lifelike manner that also considers function, the ultimate goal is to maintain a healthy smile for life. In order… Read more »

Solutions For Replacing Lost Teeth Roots

Tooth implant disassembled (done in 3d, isolated)

Taking care of your smile involves many moving parts, and while you may take care to brush your teeth daily, understand that this is only the beginning. Nobody wants to lose a tooth permanently, and for most people, this is not a fear that is currently at the top of their radar. Once infection or… Read more »

Things To Know About Periodontal Infection

Human teeth closeup with dental plaque and inflammation of gingivitis. Concept of brushing teeth and poor hygiene

It goes without saying that there are more factors that pose a threat to your oral health than you can count on both hands. Indeed, from the moment you are born, your smile is on the defensive protecting you from these concerns. What’s more? They do not cease with age, meaning a consistent preventive routine… Read more »