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Treating Internal Tooth Decay

As one of the most common dental concerns that nearly everyone is familiar with, tooth decay can affect your oral health in a number of ways. For instance, it can cause the development of cavities, infect the interior regions of an oral structure, and even cause you to completely lose a tooth. While the latter… Read more »

Bridging the Gap Between Teeth

While there are a number of adults who are fortunate to maintain a lifelong smile, there is still a number that are not, often enduring structural loss. What’s more, once a tooth must be removed, your chances of losing other surrounding structures increases drastically, caused by factors such as decay, infection, and more. In today’s… Read more »

Allowing Your Tooth to Heal with a Dental Crown

Preparated premolar tooth and dental metal-ceramic crown. Medically accurate 3D illustration

Making sure your teeth are healthy and taken care of goes a little bit further than routine preventive care at home. In fact, the standard practice is a combination of brushing and flossing, paying mind to what foods and beverages you consume, and attending scheduled checkups at least twice a year. Indeed, falling short on… Read more »

Removing Infection with a Root Canal Treatment

It goes without saying that tooth loss is one of the more frightening circumstances you may experience as an adult, especially since it is permanent and your structure will not grow back. What’s more, your concerns only increase if you do not replace the tooth, leaving way for functional difficulties, higher chances for future loss,… Read more »

When Dental Bridges Can Complete your Smile

Technical shots of model on a dental prothetic laboratory.Dentist hand with plaster model

When a tooth becomes infected or otherwise compromised, it has a higher chance of being treated with a simple dental crown that can protect it from outside harm. But what if there are multiple consecutive teeth that are affected, or worse, missing completely? Having a gap in your grin from a missing oral structure is… Read more »

Reinforcing Your Tooth with a Dental Crown

A dentist is holding tweezers for dental ceramic veneers and crowns.

While routine preventive care is the crux of achieving a healthy smile for life, restorative dentistry has played a major role in making this goal achievable, as a variety of factors can contribute to unhealthy oral structures. Indeed, brushing and flossing are not enough to ensure a healthy appearance, as diet, physical activity, and more… Read more »

When a Root Canal is Necessary for Preserving Your Grin

Losing a tooth as an adult can arise from a myriad of circumstances, most of which are preventable. Of these circumstances, decay and infection tend to be a major offender. Indeed, if an oral structure is damaged beyond saving, sometimes it makes more sense to extract it in order to preserve your oral health. When… Read more »

What Your Nighttime Teeth Grinding Could Mean

Getting up in the morning can be one of the biggest struggles for many people, especially if you have to get up early. What’s more, waking up feeling tired or even experiencing pain is nobody’s first choice, making the morning routine that much more tiresome. When you wake up with tooth or jaw pain, it… Read more »

How Tooth-Colored Fillings Really Help Your Smile

Nothing is worse than chomping down on your favorite holiday treat and experiencing tooth pain. What’s more, that pain could actually be indicative of a much bigger problem, as regular tooth pain is not common. It could indicate a lodged structure, a chip or fracture, or even a sign of infection. If left unmanaged, this… Read more »

Three Things that Bonding and Contouring Can Help With

While attending routine examinations and practicing oral health habits such as flossing and brushing at home are ana excellent way to stay on top of your smile, constant wear and tear from day-to-day activities can also work in the background to weaken your teeth. In fact, daily activities such as chewing, eating, drinking, and more… Read more »