Category: Restorative Dentistry

How Getting a Cavity Filled Can Protect You from Disease

3d render of teeth with dental composite filling over white background

As one of the most common dental concerns out there, cavities should not go untreated. At times they can be difficult to spot with the naked eye, however, attending routine check-ups and examinations can help you identify any concerns or threats to your smile while also offering solutions as to how to prevent them. If… Read more »

How Bonding and Contouring Restores Your Teeth

Dental injuries or mishaps can occur to anyone at any time, and knowing your options for how to handle the situation is critical for a long-lasting and healthy smile. When you develop stains that are beyond the help of ordinary teeth whitening, or if you develop serious chips or even cracks in your tooth’s structure,… Read more »

Why It’s Important to Fix a Cracked Tooth

Many people expect to know if a tooth cracks. In many cases, such damage to your teeth can occur from accidental trauma, and it’s immediately noticeable as soon as it occurs. However, that isn’t always the case, and sometimes, cracks can develop in your tooth more gradually. When this occurs, it might not seem as… Read more »

Restoring a Tooth Before You Lose It

When your natural teeth become compromised in certain ways, the risks that the damage poses aren’t always obvious. For instance, you may not realize that a crack in your tooth could leave its inner tissues and nerves exposed to bacterial infection. Or, you may not suspect that the tooth may be lost or require extraction… Read more »

Choosing Between a Dental Bridge and Dental Implant

After losing a tooth, it’s important to consider the best solution for replacing it as soon as possible. Fortunately, many people can benefit from a healthier, fuller smile with the help of the right custom-designed tooth replacement. Traditionally, this meant a dental bridge that consists of a highly lifelike replacement tooth and one or two… Read more »

Reasons Why Your Teeth Might Become Damaged

Some oral health concerns can have consequences that aren’t obvious at first. When these consequences do start to become noticeable, you may not realize that they’re the result of a condition you’ve experienced for a while now. In some cases, these consequences may include various levels of damage to your healthy, natural tooth structure. The… Read more »

How to Save a Tooth when It Breaks

While some oral health concerns can take a while before they become obvious, a broken tooth isn’t usually something that’s easy to ignore. In many cases, it’s the result of an emergency situation that involves accidental trauma to the tooth, and both the damage and discomfort are immediately noticeable. Like most forms of tooth damage,… Read more »

What Restoring Your Smile Could Mean

Smile restoration has come a long way over the years, and it remains an important part of many people’s lifetime oral health care. When a problem develops with one or more of your teeth, that problem might impact more than just the tooth’s health and integrity. Restoring your smile means thoroughly understanding the full impact… Read more »

How a Dental Crown Gives Your Tooth a Second Chance

One of the reasons why dental crowns are among the most popular restorative dental treatments is because they can work to address a wide range of different tooth concerns. Another reason is because, in many cases, the restoration can look as natural and lifelike as it performs, offering optimal discretion when restoring your smile. While… Read more »

Repairing a Tooth Whose Damage Is Still Minor

When a tooth has a large fracture in it, or a piece breaks off of its crown structure, then the need to fix the tooth as soon as possible might be obvious. If nothing else, the pain in the tooth may be enough to force you to seek treatment if only to alleviate it. While… Read more »