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What Some People Need Before Dental Implants

When your smile loses one or more teeth, it loses several different aspects that contribute to its overall function. The most obvious of these aspects is your ability to bite and chew your food comfortably, which can be affected by the imbalance caused by the empty space in your teeth’s ranks. Other, much less obvious… Read more »

How Implants Give Replacement Teeth Better Support

There are many different factors to consider when it comes to rebuilding your smile after tooth loss. For example, the number of teeth you’ve lost will determine what type of restoration is best for replacing them. Also, the potential impact of the loss on your remaining healthy teeth may be significant enough to require additional… Read more »

Why Dental Implants Are Better at Replacing Lost Teeth

Not all tooth replacement options are the same. For some people, the best solution is to replace a lost tooth, or multiple adjacent teeth, with a custom-designed dental bridge. For others, the dispersed nature of their lost teeth means they’ll need a partial denture to successfully fill the gaps in their smiles. However, what many… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Smile for Dental Implants

When you receive dental implants to replace one or more lost teeth, the implant posts and your natural jawbone structure surrounding it do most of the work. As the bone structure heals, it fuses to the biocompatible implant posts. When this process is complete, the implant posts take on the brunt of your bite’s pressure,… Read more »

What Makes Dental Implants Successful?

People who experience tooth loss and choose dental implants to rebuild their smiles make the choice for different reasons. For example, if you’ve recently lost one or more teeth, then choosing dental implants can help you preserve more of your smile by addressing the consequences. If you’ve dealt with tooth loss for a while, you… Read more »

How Can Dentures Work Better with Dental Implants?

For patients who’ve experienced complete tooth loss, or edentulism, on their upper or lower dental ridge, a denture is typically the option for restoring their smiles’ appearance and their bite’s ability to function. Today’s modern dentures can do an exceptional job of mimicking the appearance of your healthy, natural teeth to ensure optimal results when… Read more »

The Underlying Importance of Implanted Replacement Teeth

Dental implants aren’t a secret in the world of dental health care, or to people who’ve lost teeth and need to replace them. However, the particular ways in which dental implants benefit your oral health and rebuild your bite’s function aren’t widely known, nor is the importance of replacing the roots of your lost teeth… Read more »

What Makes a Dental Implant Work?

Things can change dramatically when you experience tooth loss, but with a conventional dental restoration, you can address most of those changes. Unfortunately, some of the impacts of tooth loss aren’t things that you immediately notice, or that can be addressed with a traditional dental bridge or denture. That’s because they result from the loss… Read more »

3 Advantages to Supporting Restorations on Implants

Dental implants are popular as a way to replace lost teeth, but they aren’t the only prosthetic solution available. Many people have enjoyed the benefits of conventional bridge or dentures for years, seemingly without needing root-like posts to support them. However, the reason dental implants have become so popular is largely because of the importance… Read more »

A Few Ways Implants Can Improve Your Denture

With the right custom-designed denture, most patients who experience severe or complete tooth loss (also known as edentulism) can often bounce back with impressive results. This is largely due to modern dentures’ ability to closely mimic the appearance of healthy, natural teeth, from their color and shade to the details of their contours, and more…. Read more »