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Replacing a Lost Tooth with an Implant

In our previous blog, we discuss the circumstances that arise causing the need for a tooth extraction. While your dentist will attempt to save your natural structure as best as it can be saved, sometimes the only option is to remove it. The problem is, however, that even though the compromised/diseased structure has been removed,… Read more »

When Saving Your Smile Means Removing a Tooth

As a busy adult, oftentimes the last thing on your mind is the need to have a tooth removed. For most cases, there is a list of procedures or treatment options that can usually prevent the need to remove one of your natural structures. Other times, however, a tooth may be beyond saving if it… Read more »

Steps to Lower Your Risks of Tooth Loss

Aside from keeping your teeth clean with good dental hygiene practices, there can be different specific goals for your dental health care. For example, if your smile is healthy, you’ll need professional care from your dentist to keep it that way by consistently removing tartar (calcified plaque) from your teeth and gums. If you have… Read more »

How Tooth Loss Can Lead to Bite Problems

Preventing tooth loss can help you avoid a lot of potentially serious problems with your oral health in the future. However, when tooth loss does occur, your risks of experiencing these problems and the subsequent results of them become substantially higher. For example, in addition to the change in your smile’s appearance, tooth loss can… Read more »

Times When You May Be More Likely to Lose a Tooth

It’s difficult to predict if and when you might develop a concern with your oral health. That’s one reason why it’s important to stick to a regular schedule of preventive visits with your dentist. During each visit, your dentist can thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, and oral tissues to determine if a problem exists, and… Read more »

Have Your Wisdom Teeth Become Impacted?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are widely recognized. Unfortunately, that’s often because they’re frequently the source of significant problems, particularly when they become impacted before they can erupt properly. Though it isn’t always easy to know when wisdom teeth become impacted at first, the symptoms and consequences of it will become increasingly more noticeable as… Read more »

Tooth Extraction – The Last Resort for a Damaged Tooth

When your teeth experience varying levels of damage, the right custom-designed restorative treatment can usually help you address the problem and preserve their health and integrity. The process of extracting the tooth isn’t typically an option, unless there is no other restorative treatment that can successfully save the tooth. Because of this, the recommendation to… Read more »

Important Questions About Tooth Loss

Many people should be worried about tooth loss. In many cases, it results from the development and progression of another oral health concern, such as tooth decay or gum disease. If you’re worried about tooth loss, you may be more likely to take steps to prevent it from occurring. However, not everyone understands the risks… Read more »

3 Less Common, But Serious, Reasons for Teeth to Hurt

When a tooth starts to hurt, many people can make an educated guess as to why. For instance, if your dentist has told you that you’re at risk for cavities, then you might guess that your tooth hurts because one has started to develop. However, not all toothaches are the same, and even if you… Read more »

Need Tooth Extraction? Don’t Take It Lightly

When your dentist tells you that a tooth needs to be extracted, it typically means the tooth has reached a point where saving it with another restorative treatment is no longer possible. Because of this, it can seem like there’s plenty of time to extract the tooth. However, the fact that the tooth can’t be… Read more »