Illustration tooth is removed by forceps in oral cavity. Children dentistry characters. Kawaii facial expressions.Taking care of your smile is a process that involves multiple forms of care and treatment. For example, you need to attend your routine checkups and cleanings at least every six months to keep your grin healthy, just as you need to brush your teeth, floss after meals, and rinse using antiseptic mouthwash. Still, it does not take much to fall short in any of these areas, and before you know it, you are in need of a root canal or some other type of treatment to prevent an infection from consuming an entire tooth. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist takes a look at reasons you may need a dental extraction and what to expect from treatment.

A Threat to Other Teeth

When it comes down to it, nobody wants to lose one of their permanent teeth. For starters, a noticeable gap in your grin is enough to draw much unwanted attention, resulting in a diminished level of confidence. Additionally, a missing structure is indicative of a bigger problem in that the space will not fill itself naturally. In other words, once you lose a tooth as an adult, that structure is gone for good.

Though these are the first few thoughts that come to mind for most individuals facing a potentially compromised tooth, bear in mind that this is only the beginning of your woes. You see, a significantly infected tooth can actually pose a major threat to your surrounding teeth. In other words, the longer the compromised tooth remains present, the more likely you are to face subsequent tooth loss in the structures neighboring it. In cases such as these, your dentist may recommend the help of dental extraction. To learn more about this process, give our team a call today.

Beyond Repair or Saving

Another situation in which our team may recommend a dental extraction is if the structure affected is beyond repair or saving. Indeed, significant damage can occur to the point that any treatment, be it a root canal, dental filling, crown, or other procedure, is rendered irrelevant as there is not enough healthy structure left to support a restoration. When this occurs, our team will recommend removing the tooth sooner rather than later in order to prevent an even bigger concern from developing. Give our team a call to learn more today.

Increasing Issues with Function

Finally, we recommend pursuing a dental extraction if a pained tooth is complicating your mouth’s ability to function properly. For example, taking bites of food or chewing has become much more of a chore than it needs to be as a result of sharp pain and sensitivity.

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