Month: May 2022

How To Handle Your Dental Emergency

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Maintaining a healthy smile for life begins by laying a healthy foundation of preventive care. In other words, the sooner you start preventive dental care, the better chances you have for keeping your smile healthy. Though you may be taking care of your teeth to the best of your ability, keep in mind that accidents… Read more »

Taking Care Of Your Child’s Smile

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At its core, preventive dentistry is the foundation of a healthy smile that can last you a lifetime. Indeed, you may believe that this only consists of your preventive dental visits, but in actuality, it applies to your at-home practices and routines as well. For example, your teeth encounter various oral bacteria on a daily… Read more »

What To Know About Your Gum Health

Gingival recession, also known as receding gums, is the exposure

Brushing your teeth is an essential step to maintaining a healthy smile for life. Though you may be practicing this process every day, the truth is, it can easily become like second nature to the point that we do not put much thought into preventive care. Though you may think this is a good thing,… Read more »

TMJ Is A Major Pain!

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Taking care of your oral health means more than just attending a checkup every once in a while. As a matter of fact, your teeth and other oral structures require consistency and thoughtful care if it is going to last you a lifetime. Sometimes, however, oral bacteria, a dental emergency, or some other factor may… Read more »

Let’s Schedule Your Oral Cancer Screening

Whether you are aware of it or not, your smile is constantly fending off germs, bacteria, and other concerns from influencing your smile. Indeed, these factors have a hand in negatively influencing your oral health, and without proper preventive care or treatment, they can progress into even bigger concerns with time. In today’s blog, your… Read more »

Reasons You May Need An Extraction

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Taking care of your smile is a process that involves multiple forms of care and treatment. For example, you need to attend your routine checkups and cleanings at least every six months to keep your grin healthy, just as you need to brush your teeth, floss after meals, and rinse using antiseptic mouthwash. Still, it… Read more »

Preserving Your Health With Root Canal Therapy

In our most recent blog, our team took a look at the way dental fillings could be used to address early signs of dental decay, and how composite resin offers significant benefits in more ways than one. Indeed, nothing is more troubling than feeling as though you are doing more than enough to care for… Read more »

Treating Cavities With Dental Fillings

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Caring for your oral health involves a few different moving parts, and not all of them are necessarily accounted for in every preventive routine. In other words, it can become easy to lose track of the level of detail you provide dental care, and falling short in your routine is bound to open the door… Read more »

Schedule Your Checkup And Cleaning Today

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Losing one or more of your teeth can negatively influence your smile in more ways than one. Some of these concerns include the influence on your ability to bite and chew normally, how your jaw structure is influenced, and of course, the presence of a noticeable gap. To avoid this, your dentist recommends practicing a… Read more »

Understanding Dentures And Dental Bridges


When you are missing teeth, it is crucial to act quickly. Not only does it pose cosmetic issues, but it can also affect your overall oral health. If you are down a tooth — or several — you can miss out on important nutrients you get when chewing. Moreover, lacking teeth can cause your jaw… Read more »