Month: March 2021

A Comfortable Treatment With Advanced Technology

Workplace dental technician. Production of dental crowns. Milling dental system with computer control. Grinding and milling machine of dentures. Laboratory milling cutter for dental work. Dentistry.

The idea of attending a dental visit can be a frightening experience for some, as a sort of fear of the unknown may make individuals feel uneasy. While most dental procedures and treatments are relatively conservative in nature, others may require more extensive work to complete, thus only adding fire to the flame. In today’s… Read more »

Has Bacteria Caused A Gum Infection?

Gum Recession: Soft tissue graft surgery. 3D illustration of Dental treatment

Attending routinely scheduled checkups and cleanings can do wonders when it comes to identifying possible smile concerns or threats. What’s more, they help keep your smile healthy and happy. Indeed, complications can arise when proper preventive care is not strictly adhered to, and if you wait too long before seeking help, the situation could get… Read more »

Why You Can’t Put Off Your Checkup

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While scenarios involving tooth pain or other oral concerns can be difficult to ignore, there are also a number of issues that you may not even be aware are taking place. For instance, the early warning signs of decay, infection, and more can be hard to identify without the help of a professional. What’s more,… Read more »

Will A Root Canal Really Resolve My Issue With Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain is a difficult problem to ignore. Of course, ignoring it can be an unwise course of action, as the discomfort you ignore can be a sign that your tooth is in poor health and needs restorative dental work! Internal problems caused by physical trauma or advanced decay can lead to persistent discomfort, as… Read more »

Talk To Your Dentist If You Are Struggling With Jaw Pain

Living with pain that occurs whenever you bite, chew, or speak can can be difficult. It can also be a sign that your jaw is out of alignment, something that can lead to chronic discomfort, more frequent headaches, and issues with teeth grinding. At our Leawood, KS dentist’s office, we can help patients who start… Read more »

Are Your Stains Too Complex For Whitening?

Metal free ceramic dental crowns

While your smile’s function is one of the most important aspects of your oral health, its appearance plays a significant role as well. Indeed, our grins endure a number of situations that can lead to its degradation in both appearance and health, and it is up to us to ensure we are doing everything we… Read more »

When A Compromised Tooth Threatens Your Health

Baby tooth extraction. Surgery of children's teeth, concept.

It can be a hassle attempting to maintain a healthy smile all the time, especially during the chaos of a jam-packed schedule. What’s more, proper hygiene care is more involved than just brushing your teeth, and there are even more factors that lead to degradation than just forgetting to brush. In today’s blog, your Leawood,… Read more »

Preventive Care and Tiny Smiles

Dentist examining teeth of little boy with his mother watching at dental clinic

Attending a routine checkup and cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining excellent oral health. What’s more, this is even more true when it comes to younger grins. Indeed, there is much to consider when adhering to a preventive routine, as yours should be even more involved than you might have initially thought. In today’s… Read more »

Schedule Your Checkup Today!

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Your oral health is affected by a myriad of factors ranging in severity, meaning that decay or misalignment are not your only concerns. Indeed, taking care of your grin is more involved than the average person thinks, as you are constantly battling with issues aiming to compromise your structural integrity. What’s more, ensuring a healthy… Read more »

A Discreet Way To Address Misalignment

Orthodontic dental theme on blue and yellow background.Transparent invisible dental aligners or braces aplicable for an orthodontic dental treatment

With the advent of new technology, dental procedures such as implants, root canals, and more can be performed at a more consistent rate, offering reduced trauma and heal times. Some concerns that arise – such as misaligned teeth – can be addressed just as easily, and often do not require much to accomplish. In today’s… Read more »