Baby tooth extraction. Surgery of children's teeth, concept.It can be a hassle attempting to maintain a healthy smile all the time, especially during the chaos of a jam-packed schedule. What’s more, proper hygiene care is more involved than just brushing your teeth, and there are even more factors that lead to degradation than just forgetting to brush. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist will discuss the steps that we take in an effort to preserve your teeth, as well as times when preserving your health might mean extracting a tooth.

It Can Be Too Late to Save

Oral bacteria are present in every smile, and it is up to you to practice excellent preventive care habits in order to keep them from causing major complications such as infection or decay. As the most common oral concern currently affecting millions of people per year, decay is the process of breaking down and damaging your natural structures, often caused by bacteria that have been able to thrive relatively protected.

In its earliest stages, decay presents itself as a cavity, or minor hole, present in a tooth. Without efficient treatment, this hole will continue to get larger and larger until it spreads internally, affecting your nerves, dental pulp, and much of your oral function. If it persists past this extent, there will likely be very little that can be done to salvage your natural structure, meaning that the next best step is to consider removal.

Extraction as the Only Solution

While the last thing you or your dentist want to do is to remove a tooth with a dental extraction, sometimes this is the only viable option, especially when it comes to preserving your oral health. You see, your health is affected by a number of factors, including threats to teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue, and more. Without proper management, you can guarantee the loss of several, if not all, currently healthy structures.

In order to prevent decay from spreading, your dentist may recommend to tackle the problem at its source by removing the compromised structure causing the problem. In other words, sometimes it may come down to removing one tooth to save the rest.

Preserving Your Oral Health

Your oral health is the top priority to maintain. Keep in mind that even though an extraction may be necessary, you will endure functional complications if you do not seek an implant replacement. These can include difficulty biting, chewing, eating, and enunciating, so make sure to take the steps necessary to ensure that your smile is kept healthy and happy and your function is restored.

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