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Do You Have A Proper Preventive Routine?

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From a young age, we often have memories of our parents consistently telling us to brush our teeth. At the time, it may feel unnecessary to do so often, and we probably attempted to get away with not doing so at one point or another. Now as adults, brushing is just another step in the… Read more »

You Can Benefit From A Deep Cleaning


As the most common dental concern impacting the United States, periodontal disease affects roughly 3 million U.S. adults annually. What’s more, many of those adults will experience tooth loss to varying degrees as a direct result coupled with uncertainty for when to seek help until it has already become too late. In today’s blog, your… Read more »

We Can Address Gingivitis During Your Dental Checkup

While gingivitis can be a common issue, it is not one to take lightly. When periodontal problems go unaddressed, they can worsen in time, which leads to more difficulties with treatment, and a greater risk for tooth loss. Advanced gum disease can even interfere with your ability to manage other health conditions! At our Leawood,… Read more »

Time For Your Checkup!

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As we move forward with 2021 and lean into the second month of this year, our team encourages you to take a look at to do’s that may not have been addressed in January. After all, the new year often holds high hopes for a number of factors one wishes to address, but sometimes every… Read more »

Is It Time For Your Little One’s Checkup?

It is never too early to begin teaching excellent oral hygiene habits to your little ones, especially proper brushing and flossing. What’s more, the right combination of preventive care at home, maintaining a healthy diet, and attending routinely schedule dental visits can contribute to a lifelong smile and avoid the need for extensive treatment such… Read more »

How Does a Tooth-Colored Filling Benefit My Smile?

From a young age, we are informed about what happens when we do not stay on top of our oral hygiene. Indeed, tooth decay affects many individuals in one form or another, whether it is the development of a single cavity on a structure or if it has progressed to a point of loss. Typically,… Read more »

Three Reasons You Should Not Skip Your Check-Up

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From a young age we are told the importance of maintaining a healthy and happy smile. We are told to brush and floss regularly, and that if we keep up with that, we would be able to have a lifelong dazzling smile. The fact of the matter is, however, that flossing and brushing are only… Read more »

The Negative Effects Of Putting Off Your Dental Procedure

It has been eight months into the Coronavirus pandemic, and people are still adjusting their everyday lives to keep their families safe by cutting out inessential activities and staying home. Unfortunately, services that instill concern – such as going to doctors’ visits or to the hospital – are falling into this category. It is crucial,… Read more »

Tips to Make Your Natural Teeth More Resilient

While there is no single dental treatment to help everyone avoid dental health concerns, there are certain things that everyone needs to achieve that goal. For example, a consistent routine of good dental hygiene at home and a regular schedule of preventive dental checkups and cleanings go a long way in preventing the things that… Read more »

The Benefits of Attending Your Routine Check-Up

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Our day-to-day lives can become hectic very fast, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus. What seemed like a consistent and never-ending list of to-dos now requires much more planning and energy to accomplish, rendering us exhausted and forced to cut out things that we can put off until later. While this may appear the… Read more »