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Periodontal Therapy Provides Improved Health

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Most people will suffer from some form of periodontal disease in their lifetime. However, this disease must be managed in order to prevent inflammatory diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS, dentist talks about how we arrest the periodontal disease process to protect your overall health and wellness.

Periodic Care For Your Periodontal Needs

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While your teeth are certainly vital to the lasting integrity of your smile, there is more to the mouth. Do not overlook the importance of your gum tissue in keeping your oral health at a high level. The periodontal tissue provides an integral part of holding the teeth. In addition, this material creates an antibacterial… Read more »

Looking At The Signs Of Gum Disease

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Taking care of your smile is a lifelong process, and one that often needs an update to reflect current best practices. Indeed, your teeth and all of the other structures contained within the oral cavity not only serve important roles that aid in functional tasks, but they also contribute to your overall oral health. With… Read more »

Is It Time For A Periodontal Cleaning?

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It goes without saying that among the various areas of dentistry, dental prevention is one of the most important to consider. After all, there are several factors out there that can negatively influence your oral health, and unfortunately, there are significantly fewer elements that can aid it. As such, you must take strides to practice… Read more »

Ways You Can Care For Your Gums

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Taking care of your smile is a process that will follow you well into adulthood. Part of the reason is that unaddressed bacteria can lead to bad hygiene and bad breath, but the majority of the reason is due to the need to protect your smile from infections and other concerns. Indeed, seeking regular preventive… Read more »

What To Know About Your Gum Health

Gingival recession, also known as receding gums, is the exposure

Brushing your teeth is an essential step to maintaining a healthy smile for life. Though you may be practicing this process every day, the truth is, it can easily become like second nature to the point that we do not put much thought into preventive care. Though you may think this is a good thing,… Read more »

Practices To Prevent Gum Disease

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Your preventive dental routine is an essential process to stay on top of, as it provides your primary line of defense against various oral health concerns. While dental prevention might not be a match against dental emergencies or chronic bruxism concerns, it absolutely fends off the harmful oral bacteria and germs that may persist and… Read more »

Ways Periodontal Cleanings Benefit You

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Providing care for your smile often means more than just brushing your teeth every morning. In fact, it can mean using a mouthguard to protect your structures, consuming fewer sweets to avoid cavities and other signs of decay, and even receiving additional treatment in the event something else occurs. Indeed, your oral care routine is… Read more »

What Is Gum Disease, Really?

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Doing what needs to be done to keep up with your smile’s health means scheduling emergency visits sometimes. It also means taking strides to practice a thorough preventive dental routine at home, as well as attending your six-month appointments so that our team can properly assess your grin for underlying concerns and how to address… Read more »

The Importance of Periodontal Health

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When it comes to oral health complications, the biggest concern that tops many patients’ minds is the notion of losing a natural tooth. Indeed, while tooth loss can be avoided with the combination of an effective preventive routine and frequent dental visits, sometimes life has other plans. Even still, tooth loss is only one of… Read more »