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What Periodontal Care Really Means

Woman with gum inflammation, closeup

Attending routine preventive dental visits for some is not as simple as it is for others. In fact, fear or anxiety can often set in, causing patients to skip their regular visits. When this occurs, your risk for disease, infection, and more increase drastically, as you do not have a trained professional consistently monitoring the… Read more »

Is it Time for an Oral Cancer Screening?

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When most people attend their dental visit, their biggest concerns typically revolve around cavities, decay, and potential for tooth loss. In fact, these are often the driving factors for seeking a checkup, as a number of people associate the quality and health of their smile with their level of confidence. While these are great reasons… Read more »

Preventing Periodontal Disease with a Deep Clean

Oral hygiene: Scaling and root planing (conventional periodontal therapy). Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth treatment

Adult tooth loss is not a common phenomenon, and certainly one that many do not keep in the forefront of their minds. While you may be practicing excellent preventive care at home, keep in mind that routine flossing and brushing is not enough to ensure a lifelong grin, and factors such as diet and examinations… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Let Gum Disease Get Worse

When something troublesome occurs with your oral health, it’s typically best to address the concern as soon as possible with appropriate dental treatment. Otherwise, the consequences of it can grow worse, and the extent of your treatment can grow more intensive. In the case of gum disease, this is especially true, as severe gum disease… Read more »

Can Scaling and Root Planing Cure Your Gingivitis?

The problem with treating many dental health concerns is that treatment isn’t always exactly a cure. For example, in many cases of gum disease, the condition that affects your gum tissues can remain a threat even after you’ve received treatment for it. From that point forward, your goal will be to consistently manage the condition… Read more »

Gum Disease Compounds Over Time

When you think about your own oral health, you probably focus on your teeth. These are the centerpieces of your smile. Great looking teeth are important when it comes to your confidence and your overall oral health, but you can’t forget about your gums. Common gum disease is known as “gingivitis,” but this is actually… Read more »

What Does Periodontal Cleaning Mean?

The most common form of preventive dental care is routine dental checkup and cleaning appointments. That’s because everyone needs regular checkups and cleanings, even if their teeth and gums are currently in optimal health. There are also more involved preventive dental treatments designed to help you avoid some of the more serious consequences of oral… Read more »

How to Know When Gingivitis Shows Up

To many people, gingivitis and gum disease mean two different things. Unfortunately, this leads many of them to believe that gingivitis isn’t really a serious problem and, unlike gum disease, isn’t something that they need to worry about. The truth is that gingivitis aren’t different conditions, they’re merely different stages of the same problem. When… Read more »

Why It’s Important to Treat Gingivitis Early

While the main goal of preventive dental care is to avoid the development of common dental issues (like gum disease), that doesn’t mean your efforts should end if one does develop. For example, having gingivitis, which is the first stage of gum disease, doesn’t mean you’ve already lost your battle against gum disease. In fact,… Read more »

How to Know It’s Time to Consider Gum Disease Treatment

When you know the dangers that gum disease could potentially pose to your oral health, and beyond, the importance of maintaining your good gum healthy seems obvious. However, many of the most serious consequences of gum disease aren’t that well-known, generally speaking. To some people, it isn’t much a concern at all. Today, we explain… Read more »