Close-up tooth piercing crystal isolated on a white backgroundIt goes without saying that the most important aspect to consider when it comes to taking care of your teeth is your oral health. After all, a bright and youthful smile cannot be achieved if there are underlying health complications such as tooth decay, infection, and missing teeth. Bear in mind, however, that this does not mean you should not seek treatment to enhance your grin’s shine or appearance either, and many people express an enhanced sense of confidence after receiving these treatments. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist takes a look at the unique treatment you can seek to enhance your smile’s appearance, and how Twinkles® tooth jewelry can help.

A Step Above the Rest

Loving your teeth can be a long and arduous process, especially if oral health was not as heavily emphasized as it should have been in your childhood. Indeed, from the moment you are born and well into your adult years, you are constantly on the defensive against a myriad of oral threats and concerns. Among these include dental decay, infection, tooth loss, physical injury, and more.

What’s more? Foods and beverages that you consume daily may also impact your smile, causing noticeable stains to develop as well as wearing down your natural layer of protective enamel. Indeed, only a consistent preventive dental routine coupled with routine visits to the dentist can help strengthen your grin and protect it from these threats.

For some, however, their routine is well-rounded and involved, affording them nothing less than a clean bill of health when they come into the office for a checkup. Even still, age and stains can cause your smile to lose its shine over time, and sometimes whitening does not cut it. Contact our team today to learn how you can take your grin a step above the rest with jewelry.

Benefits of Twinkles®

When you are looking for that one treatment that gives your smile an extra boost of confidence and glimmer, look no further than Twinkles® tooth jewelry. Indeed, the process consists of bonding a gold-encased crystal to the surface of your front teeth, and this can be accomplished quickly and efficiently. What’s more? When you want them removed, our team can also do this safely and effectively without leaving any marks or tracings on your teeth. Reach out to our office to learn more.

A Memorable Grin

While cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and dental veneers offer a significant improvement to the quality of your smile, Twinkles® tooth jewelry can bring your grin to an entirely new level that will have people mesmerized by your memorable grin.

Learn More Today

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