Tooth implant disassembled (done in 3d, isolated)Taking care of your smile involves many moving parts, and while you may take care to brush your teeth daily, understand that this is only the beginning. Nobody wants to lose a tooth permanently, and for most people, this is not a fear that is currently at the top of their radar. Once infection or decay sets in, however, this becomes even more of a reality. Fortunately, there are treatments that can help. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist explores the need for tooth replacement, and how dental implants can help restore your oral function.

The Impact on Your Health

While the initial reaction to a missing structure might involve the now noticeable gap in your smile, the reality is that appearance is the least of your worries. Indeed, it is important to understand how your teeth contribute to your oral function, as well as how it is impacted when those structures are no longer present.

You see, your teeth do more than just complete your smile. As a matter of fact, they are necessary for daily or routine tasks such as biting, chewing, eating, and even enunciating. This is because every structure is comprised of a root and a crown. The crown helps tear apart food, while the root maintains stability through its secure connection to the jaw bone.

What’s more? The pressure of your bite is divided evenly among your teeth, and each one is necessary for proper function. That being said, when even as little as one structure is gone, your entire bite becomes compromised. Contact our office today to schedule your next visit or learn more.

Understanding Implant Dentistry

Since your teeth and roots are necessary facets for proper oral function, you are impacted in a number of ways when losing one or more teeth. In order to enhance your abilities to bite and chew effortlessly, prosthodontic treatment can be pursued.

Indeed, dental implants and restorations do more than just complete your smile: they help restore your function. This is accomplished through biocompatible titanium posts that function as artificial tooth roots. What’s more? Titanium posts fuse with the jaw bone to support your bite’s pressure. Once the post has been placed, a lifelike crown restoration will be added, and then your treatment is complete. To learn more about this process, give our office a call.

Functional Advantages

Dental implants offer a leg up on traditional false teeth, as they are the only solution that considers the impact on your oral function. As such, they offer customized treatment to lost or missing teeth that take your unique situation into consideration.

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