Dental drills in dentists office. Dentistry, dental care,healthy teeth conceptTaking care of your smile is a process you will be practicing for the rest of your life, as oral bacteria and other germs never truly cease attempting to compromise your structures. Indeed, the use of mouthwash, floss, and brushing lays a great foundation for care, however, attending your checkups is still essential to provide the best level of attention to your smile. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist provides an overview of the major dental tools and instruments used during your routine dental examination, and how these items help provide a thorough clean for your smile.

When You Attend A Visit

It goes without saying that your six-month checkup and cleaning is an extremely important visit to attend, especially if you are experiencing any discomfort, toothaches, or other sign of concern. Indeed, these visits help identify minor issues and prevent them from developing into major concerns. Additionally, your preventive visit allows our team to provide a thorough dental cleaning that removes plaque deposits from difficult areas that may be hard to clean with brushing alone. But how exactly do these processes help? The answer has to do with the instruments being used!

Have you ever attended a preventive visit, and as your dentist is assessing the situation, wonder what in the world all of these instruments and devices are that are being used? After all, they cannot all be necessary, can they? Actually, they are!

You see, your dentist utilizes a number of advanced instruments to ensure proper assessment and care. In fact, many of these devices provide a better opportunity to see the difficult areas of the mouth, as well as clean away harmful deposits without actually harming your teeth. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Understanding Our Processes

One major tool you might have noticed involves the small circle device, which is a mouth mirror. This allows our team to more easily see the difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth and provide a better, more thorough examination. Additionally, you may notice a small hook-looking tool being used. This is known as a sickle probe, and it is effective at removing small areas of plaque and tartar without harming your teeth.

When your visit moves from examination to cleaning, you may also notice a device that looks similar to the sickle probe. The device is known as a scaler, and it is essential for removing greater plaque and tartar buildup. To learn more about these tools, reach out to our team today.

Additional Things to Note

Some equipment may be used for specific treatments, such as a dental drill or a mold, and the likelihood of these devices making an appearance vary depending on your specific dental needs. Just keep in mind that, although some tools may appear troubling, they are only here to make treatment easier and safer.

Learn More Today

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