Most people take notice when their teeth start to hurt severely. In some cases, it can be so extreme that it can cause them to miss work or school because of the discomfort. In many other cases, however, a toothache doesn’t seem serious at first. Relatively minor cases of tooth sensitivity can often be easy to ignore or mistake as a less significant issue. Yet, most minor toothaches will progress, and even if you find temporary relief with an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Why any toothache is serious

When a tooth is healthy, it’s comprised of several layers. The outer layer, known as tooth enamel, is a highly mineralized substance that’s more resilient than any other substance your body produces. It protects the main structure of your tooth’s crown, called dentin, from irritations and threats like oral bacteria. If your tooth starts to become sensitive to these or other sensations, it could indicate that one or more layers of your tooth are compromised in some way. Minor toothaches may indicate minor concerns, but as with most oral health problems, they can progress quickly, leading to more significant tooth damage and discomfort.

When a toothache comes back

When you develop a minor toothache, there are a variety of over-the-counter medications and home remedies that can help you find temporary relief. However, the relief is only temporary, and toothaches often come back after time, sometimes more severely. This is because the cause of the toothache hasn’t been addressed, and though you may not have felt it, it has grown worse over time. The specific cause of your toothache can vary, but if the discomfort is recurring, it’s most likely a problem that  needs your dentist’s professional attention to diagnose and address.

How to fix a toothache for good

Relieving a toothache for good requires fixing the problem that’s causing your tooth to ache. Because this can vary for everyone, the first step is to schedule a professional examination with your dentist to thoroughly check your teeth and oral tissues. Once your dentist determines the nature and extent of your toothache, you can work together to find the most appropriate solution to alleviating the pain for good and restoring your tooth’s good health.

Address your toothache as soon as possible

If you have a toothache, the problem behind it might become more serious and severe if you hesitate to treat it. To learn more, schedule an appointment with us by calling Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, KS, today at 913-681-5500. We also serve patients who live in Overland Park and all surrounding communities.