Close up cropped photo of big full natural lips brunette hair isolated on vivid yellow backgroundWhile attending routine examinations and practicing oral health habits such as flossing and brushing at home are ana excellent way to stay on top of your smile, constant wear and tear from day-to-day activities can also work in the background to weaken your teeth. In fact, daily activities such as chewing, eating, drinking, and more have a toll on your grin’s resiliency. When your teeth become sensitive due to this, it makes them easier to chip or break, hindering the appearance of your smile and causing pain. Fortunately, the team at Dreem Dentistry in Leawod, KS can help with the restorative process of bonding and contouring.

A Chipped or Cracked Tooth

When an oral structure becomes chipped, cracked, or otherwise broken, it may be able to be mended and restored as opposed to having to extract it. Extractions are typically the last resort when a tooth is beyond repair and endangering the rest of a smile, so if a tooth is mildly broken, bonding it may be a solution. But what does this entail?

Bonding is the process of applying a dental composite to the affected area and hardening it so as to fill in any gaps between parts of a tooth. The composite begins in a somewhat fluid state, making it an efficient way to completely fill the open space in a structure. While it is still malleable, the composite is shaped or contoured to closely mimic any ridges or textures present in your grin. Once it is placed where it needs to be and shaped accordingly, it is hardened or solidified in order to complete the broken structure.

Preventing the Spread of Harmful Bacteria

When a crack occurs in a tooth, a small gap is formed, separating part of the structure from the other. What this does is create a pathway for harmful bacteria and other microorganisms to interfere and target the more sensitive recesses of your teeth, causing diseases such as gum disease ad gingivitis. If allowed to persist, this can lead to decay and even tooth loss, which is why being proactive about your grin by seeking bonding and contouring to restore it will play to your benefit and preserve your smile.

Perfecting Your Smile

A third benefit of bonding and contouring is that it completes your appearance. The dental composite that is used is shade-matched to your grin in order to create a seamless resemblance and healthy smile. For more information about how this process can benefit you, contact our office today.

Learn More Today

Chios and cracks can occur at any time, and the team at Dreem Dentistry is ready to help you restore your smile with bonding and contouring. Contact our office in Leawod, KS at (913) 681-5500 today to learn more.