Dental implants are popular as a way to replace lost teeth, but they aren’t the only prosthetic solution available. Many people have enjoyed the benefits of conventional bridge or dentures for years, seemingly without needing root-like posts to support them. However, the reason dental implants have become so popular is largely because of the importance of replacing your lost teeth roots. Along with the immediate advantages that dental implants can provide your restoration, that importance includes reestablishing several vital functions that were lost along with your natural teeth roots.

1. Bridges and dentures don’t lose their grip

The fact that they don’t have dental implant posts supporting them doesn’t take a whole lot away from conventional dental restorations. For example, modern partial and full dentures can be designed to closely mimic your healthy, natural teeth, and do an excellent job of restoring your smile’s appearance and helping you regain much of your ability to bite and chew properly. Yet, the lack of root-like anchors to support them means that traditional restorations can eventually become loose and lose their grip, shifting uncomfortably when you bite, chew, or speak. Dental implant posts can prevent this by anchoring your restoration in place the way roots anchor your healthy teeth.

3. Your restoration stimulates your jawbone

Giving your restoration one or more supportive posts to act like prosthetic roots can immediately improve its comfort and enhance its long-term stability. However, there’s an underlying reason for replacing your lost teeth roots that involves preserving your smile’s foundation, rather than improving your restoration’s performance. The roots of your teeth are part of a complex system that includes your jawbone, and when you bite and chew, the roots stimulate this bone structure to promote a healthy flow of nutrients to it. With fewer teeth roots, and without dental implants to replace them, your jawbone structure can grow weaker and lose mass and density over time.

2. Your replacement teeth can last longer

When your dental restoration is supported by one or multiple dental implants, the stability that the posts provide help improve several aspects of your restoration’s performance. For example, the improved stability means your restoration is less likely to experience excessive wear due to uneven bite pressure. This can allow your restoration to last longer before needing to be replaced due to wear. Also, because your dental implants can remain permanently in place, replacing your bridge or denture (if necessary) can be a much more streamlined process.

Learn if dental implants are right for you

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