Dental bridge of 3 teeth over molar and premolar. Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth treatmentTooth loss is a phenomenon that most of us are aware of but may seem out of reach. In theory, all we would have to do to ensure our smile stays healthy for life is stay on top of regular brushing and flossing, as well as attend routine checkups and cleanings. In practice, however, there are several factors and experiences that can result in losing one or more of your oral structures, and knowing your options is essential. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist takes a look at the way tooth loss affects your oral health and offers solutions to meet your unique needs.

When You Lose Multiple Consecutive Teeth

It goes without saying that your smile is one of your greatest assets. Not only does it communicate a lot about you, but it helps you perform daily routine tasks such as biting, chewing, and eating. When a person loses even so much as a single tooth, these tasks become much more complicated to complete.

Indeed, if we were given the option, most people would not opt for the loss of one or more of their natural teeth. The unfortunate reality is, however, that most of the time we do not have a choice in this matter. Tooth loss can occur as a result of several things, including severe infection, dental accidents and emergencies, and more.

The thing about tooth loss to be conscious of, however, is that it often does not stop with just one. In fact, if you lose a tooth to significant decay, the chances are you will lose your adjacent structures in the same manner if treatment is not sought. Fortunately, our team has just the treatment to help. To learn more about this process, give our team a call today.

The Influence On Oral Function

Missing one or more teeth not only impacts how your smile looks, but it can impact its functional capabilities as well. This is because each tooth is responsible for withstanding a specific amount of bite pressure, and when one is missing, the others must accommodate it.

Not only can a missing tooth lead to functional difficulties, but it can also contribute to strain and tension as well as the other teeth attempt to accommodate the missing one(s). With the help of a dental bridge, however, you can get back to enjoying a normal bite. Contact our team today.

Bridging the Gap

We recognize that finding the ideal treatment for consecutive tooth loss can seem challenging, and we are here to make the process as smooth as possible. With the help of a dental bridge, we can span the gap in your grin with lifelike accuracy that also restores your oral function.

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