3d render of jaw with tooth cavity and cyst. Dental problem concept.While you may have believed that your parents made you brush your teeth as a child simply as a means of making you do something you did not want to do, in reality, it was needed. Indeed, your grin is the subject of constant attack, and there are more threats to it than can be counted on one hand. As such, your dentist recommends practicing routine preventive care. When prevention falls short, however, the next viable option is restorative dentistry. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist discusses the importance of restorative dentistry, as well as why it matters to have your cavities filled as soon as possible.

Saving an Infected Tooth

Although preventive dentistry is essential for smile protection, sometimes issues pop up in which prevention is no match. For example, brushing your teeth every day will not save them from a major physical injury, which could cause one or more to dislodge. In instances such as these, the next viable option is to pursue restorative care.

Restorative dentistry is considered any practice that aims to remove infection, mitigate its spread, and overall restore your structures to the point that they can sustain consistent function. One of the most common oral health concerns out there includes tooth decay, which is a degenerative infection that will not stop until your entire grin is compromised.

In its earliest stages, decay will create a small hole in a tooth known as a cavity. To address it, your dentist may recommend the help of a dental filling, which essentially removes the infection and fills the open hole so as to restore function and integrity. Contact our team to learn more about this process and how we can help.

Preventing Bacteria from Spreading

In addition to removing an infection from a specific tooth, a dental filling can help prevent bacteria that caused the infection from spreading deeper into your tooth. What’s more? This process protects other surrounding teeth as well, as the infection is not subject to only spread internally.

You see, unlike a headache or an upset stomach, a toothache will only continue to get worse over time. In order to combat this and ensure your smile is taken care of to the best of your ability, we recommend seeking restorations sooner rather than later. Give our team a call today to learn more.

Simple and Efficient Treatment

Though the idea of extensive treatment may frighten you, do not fret! A dental filling is actually relatively straightforward and only requires a single visit to complete. We will numb the area prior to removing the infection, then we will take care to fill the hole with composite resin. Finally, we cure it using a special light, and then you are good to go!

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