Stressed woman complaining suffering toothache sitting on a couch at homeA dental emergency can occur at any given time, and unfortunately, it is all but possible to be able to identify exactly when one will arise consistently. As such, our team recommends creating a contingency plan in the event a sporting accident gone wrong or an aggressive bite mishap leads to significant oral damage. In terms of non-typical concerns, however, it is best to seek the opinion of a trained dentist. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist discusses the major complications that arise with TMJ disorder, as well as what your treatment options may be.

How Dysfunction Begins

It is true that our smiles can become bogged down by oral bacteria, infection, and a vast array of other circumstances, but sometimes uncommon issues may sneak by unnoticed. For example, are you aware that snoring is not a normal phenomenon? Indeed, it is often a side effect of the body attempting to regulate its breathing, and in many cases, indicates that there is a bigger concern at hand.

This same idea applies to the notion of teeth-grinding as well. You see, a person may awaken with a tense or sore jaw and be unaware that it is due to unconscious nighttime structural grinding. In the immediate, the effects can lead to an increased chance of infection as well as damage due to chipping or cracking. When it comes to long-term effects, however, the situation can only get drastically worse.

You see, untreated bruxism – the name given to chronic teeth grinding – can lead to a dangerous and often painful jaw dysfunction known as TMJ disorder. To learn more about this process and what your best steps moving forward are, give our team a call today.

Side Effects and Complications

When a person develops TMJ disorder, what is happening is that the lower jaw becomes misaligned from one or both of the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) from which it hinges to the cranium. The result is a painful popping or clicking sensation as the jaw attempts to correct the issue.

What’s more? This process leads to significant tissue damage as well as damage to the nerves. If you believe you are experiencing TMJ disorder, it is imperative you schedule your next appointment with our team sooner rather than later for treatment.

Custom Treatment

While TMJ disorder is a phenomenon that anyone can experience, we recognize the value of custom treatment and care. Our team will work with you through guided splint therapy to help guide your lower jaw back into place safely. Additionally, we can help set you up with a custom oral appliance that protects your teeth while you slumber.

Learn More Today

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