moodMany people take great pride in their smile’s appearance. After all, it is one of the first physical attributes one notices about another, and a gorgeous beam often gives off a happy, warm, and comforting presence. Taking care of your smile is an essential component to consider when looking to maintain a youthful grin, and believe it or not, smiling actually impacts your health in a number of different ways. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist explores the connection between smiling and your overall health, as well as explains why it is important to prioritize your smile.

The Importance of Mental Health

Your health should be considered a major priority, and this extends to various specific aspects. For instance, your oral health influences your physical health, just as your mental health does. In fact, your mental health influences much more than you might expect, and studies have shown a significant connection between mental health levels and physical health, daily function, and more.

Indeed, self-care, rest and relaxation, and a host of other options can benefit you in a variety of ways, and smiling just so happens to fit nicely into this list. You see, a smile is more powerful than it is often given credit for, and it has shown potential for elevating mood, decreasing levels of stress, and even benefitting your physical health.

Showing off your grin is a contagious phenomenon, as it encourages others to grin as well. Further, smiling at someone can go a long way both for them and for you. Contact our office to learn more about these benefits today.

A Boost in Confidence

When getting to the root of the phenomenon, we see that grinning has been associated with an increased boost in confidence. You see, the act itself causes others to view you as more friendly, relaxed, and approachable. This then encourages people to want to be around you and ultimately leads to a heightened sense of self.

In order to maintain this youthful grin, however, you must take strides to practice regular preventive care and attend your routine checkups and cleanings when it comes time to do so. Give our office a call today to learn more about this process.

Boosting Your Immune System

In addition to aiding your confidence and sense of self, smiling can also influence your immune system and ability to fight off diseases and infections. In fact, several studies have indicated that smiling has been linked to serotonin release, which is our happiness hormone. This then causes a feeling of less stress and feeling less on edge, thus allowing our immune system to confidently perform its job.

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