Happy Smiling Mature Woman Portrait on white background. Older skin care, beauty concept.It goes without saying that the thought of losing multiple or even all of your teeth to infection is a troubling notion to endure. To avoid this, your dentist encourages you to take excellent care of your smile through a well-rounded routine of brushing and flossing, being aware of the impact foods and beverages have on your teeth, and attending routine checkups. Still, sometimes accidents occur, and it only takes one instance of physical injury to dislodge a healthy tooth. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist talks about the importance of replacing lost teeth, and how a custom dental implant can provide lifelike results.

Why You Should Address Tooth Loss

While a number of individuals do not mind a missing tooth, many others would argue that it is impactful in a variety of ways. For instance, a person’s smile is often one of the first physical attributes one notices about another, thus a flawless grin is the goal many aspire to reach. What’s more? People tend to associate a vibrant smile with increased levels of confidence, which means noticeable blemishes or missing teeth can have a significant effect.

When considering oral function, a single missing structure can do much more damage than you might expect. For instance, each of your teeth work together to absorb the pressure of your bite. This means if one or more are not present, your other structures must work even harder to absorb the bite pressure.

Another complication that arises is the impact it has on your bone structure. You see, your roots are embedded in your jaw securely to help withstand bite pressure. This relationship also allows the jaw bone to be stimulated and stay strong. Without a structure to stimulate it, you could face the possibility of bone degradation over time.

Improving Function with Implants

Replacing a tooth is possible, but being able to address function is completely different. Fortunately, that is where implant dentistry comes in to help. Dental implants are biocompatible titanium posts that are strategically inserted into the jaw bone, this functioning as an artificial root.

The biocompatible post is separate from the crown restoration, which is secured atop it through the help of an abutment. Indeed, our team will work closely with you to ensure your needs are being met and that you receive the quality care you deserve.

Additional Benefits

One of the major characteristics that make dental implants so appealing is their ability to complete your smile in a lifelike manner. In fact, specialists work diligently to ensure that your crown restoration closely mimics the natural texture, shape, and even shade of your teeth.

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