Words clean teeth of dental floss on an old wooden tableEnsuring that your smile not only looks good but feels good as well is often a goal many adults strive to achieve. Indeed, a number of factors can contribute to the destruction of your grin, including cosmetic concerns such as chips and stains, as well as functional concerns involving decay or infection. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist will take a look at the ways that infections such as gum disease can impact your grin, and what you can do to prevent it.

We’ll Check During Your Exam

Periodontal disease is one of the most common dental threats there is, affecting roughly 3 million Americans every year. It consists of harmful bacteria attacking your roots below the gum line and causing a slew of complications. Some of these include minor discomfort inflicted by bleeding or inflamed gums, and can become increasingly more threatening and result in structures separating from tissues and teeth falling out. Indeed, periodontal disease can be a concerning matter if not treated efficiently, however, there are steps you can take to help.

When you come in for routine checkup and cleaning, our team will take the time to carefully check your mouth for any signs of concern, including warning signs of gum disease. Sometimes it can be difficult to discern a problem when in its earliest stages, but that is where we come in to help. For more information about this process or to schedule your six-month checkup with our team, give our office a call today.

The Importance of Flossing

In addition to identifying warning signs at your checkup, you can take steps at home to ensure the health of your smile as well. It goes without saying that brushing your teeth is one of the biggest services you can provide your oral health, but flossing is just as important to do. You see, flossing allows you to remove the lodged or stuck particles of food from meals you consume from in-between your teeth. If these particles remain, harmful bacteria will be drawn to the source, encouraging them to wreak havoc.

Additional Treatment, If Needed

In some situations, periodontal disease has already begun to set in and progress. Fortunately, our team can help address this and potentially reverse the damage that may have been caused with a deep cleaning. Also known as scaling and root planing, a deep clean is the process of removing plaque and tartar that has formed on the roots, and subsequently smoothing or polishing the surfaces to prevent easy reattachment. This procedure will require more than one visit to complete, so talk to your dentist today about setting up your treatment plan.

Learn More Today

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