TeethAs the most common dental concern impacting the United States, periodontal disease affects roughly 3 million U.S. adults annually. What’s more, many of those adults will experience tooth loss to varying degrees as a direct result coupled with uncertainty for when to seek help until it has already become too late. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist is going to look at developing cases of gum disease and how our team can provide treatment to reduce your chances of damage.

The Pitfalls of Mischievous Bacteria

Just as a number of other oral concerns develop, gum disease evolves from harmful oral bacteria that have infected the tooth roots below your gum line. These bacteria are often drawn to the tissues due to the presence of food particles that have become wedged between structures and not removed. For a number of individuals, consistent flossing is enough to prevent this phenomenon from occurring. For many others, however, this may only be the beginning.

When one experiences the effects of periodontal disease, they often endure inflamed, discolored, or bleeding gums, evidence of teeth separating from the tissues that are meant to house them, and even structures falling out. What’s more, aching and pain as well as sensitivity can occur. If you feel you have experienced one or more of these warning signs, do not hesitate to reach out to our team today.

The Process of Scaling and Root Planing

Patients who experience one or more of the symptoms listed may require a periodontal cleaning to best address the concern, which is also known as scaling and root planing. The procedure will require more than one visit, and consists of our team carefully but thoroughly cleaning beneath the surface of your gums in order to remove deposits of plaque and tartar that have formed. Because they received a degree of protection from cleaning, the harmful deposits are essentially left to prosper and wreak havoc on the very roots that provide your smile function and stability.

Following the scaling portion of the procedure, your dentist will smooth out and polish the roots of your teeth to best prevent future bacteria from latching on so easily. For more information about this process and how you can schedule your appointment, reach out to us today.

Seek Help Before it is Too Late

The pitfall that many adults fall into involves not knowing when it is the right time to act. Oftentimes, this causes a delayed response and more extensive treatment is needed to remedy the concern. To avoid reaching a stage where the problem may not be reversed, you should always act sooner rather than later and come in for an appointment to be sure.

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