Dental implant isolated on purple background. 3d illustrationYou may be aware of the standard process that accompanies an infected tooth, from a number of methods for treatment based on circumstance and ultimately through structural loss itself. Indeed, a number of procedures can be utilized to restore your smile throughout a variety of stages of tooth loss, but are these steps really necessary? In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist will take a look at the importance of replacing a lost structure and how it contributes to your overall function.

A Complete Appearance

When it comes down to our smile’s appearance, more people will typically advocate for a full grin rather than missing a single – or even multiple – structures. This is because gaps are often received as blemishes that tarnish the appearance of your grin, drawing unnecessary attention and even impacting our self-esteem. That being said, restorative measures can be quite valuable when it comes to bridging that gap. If you are concerned with a missing tooth and would like to seek the treatment needed to reinvent your smile, feel free to reach out and speak to our team today.

Functional Improvement

Not only does a missing tooth impact your smile’s appearance, but it impacts your oral function as well. Take, for example, the role your teeth serve. Each one is comprised of an upper crown and a root that is embedded within the jaw. Your crowns are designed to help you eat by breaking up the portions of food you consume, but keep in mind that they would not be able to fulfill this function adequately if you did not have the roots to stabilize them. In other words, the connection between your roots and jaw is secure enough to help you withstand the pressure of your bite, allowing efficient biting, chewing, and eating capabilities.

Because your teeth are all needed to ensure an even bite, a single missing structure can cause significant complications. For example, you may endure strain, discomfort, a tense jaw, and even difficulties enunciating. To learn more about the need for dental replacement, reach out to our team.

Lifelike Results

A major benefit of dental implant restorations is their ability to functionally and cosmetically enhance your smile. Indeed, we utilize a biocompatible post that creates a connection with the bone similar to the bond between jaw and root, allowing the functional ability to absorb standard bite pressure. Atop your post will sit a custom crown that not only mimics the natural look of your smile, but is even shade-matched to provide a near seamless appearance.

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