Technical shots of model on a dental prothetic laboratory.Dentist hand with plaster modelWhen a tooth becomes infected or otherwise compromised, it has a higher chance of being treated with a simple dental crown that can protect it from outside harm. But what if there are multiple consecutive teeth that are affected, or worse, missing completely? Having a gap in your grin from a missing oral structure is one thing, but having an entire area vacant can cause a variety of issues, including functional. What’s more, major gaps in appearance can significantly affect how one views their self and the level of confidence they exude. Fortunately, your Leawood, KS dentist at Dreem Dentistry is here to help with the use of a dental bridge.

Replacing Consecutive Teeth

When tooth loss occurs and an oral structure is not replaced, your chances of losing more surrounding teeth increase dramatically. As a solution to one or more missing structures, a dental bridge is a restoration meant to bridge the gap between healthy adjacent teeth. It usually consists of one or a pair of pontics, or artificial crowns, and can be shade-matched to your grin. Additionally, they can be secured with either a dental cement to the natural structures present, or can even be secured with titanium implants. Contact our team today to learn how dental bridges can restore your appearance and what your options may be.

Restoring Your Bite

One of the main concerns that arise from missing teeth includes how your bite is affected. All of your teeth are comprised of two main parts – the crown, which is the portion that is visible in your smile, and the root, which is embedded beneath the gums in the jaw. The roots serve as an anchor that hold your structures in place securely and allows the crown to withstand standard bite pressure. When your root is no longer present, however, your bite must shift to make up for the missing tooth, causing unevenness. Not only this, but the lack of a root in the jaw bone can cause that section to experience deterioration if left unhandled, requiring extensive treatment such as bone grafting in order to hold an implant. By acting efficiently after experiencing a gap, you will be able to restore your mouth’s function and avoid the consequences that would ensue, including difficulty biting, chewing, and even enunciating.

A Natural Appearance

Not only can dental bridges restore function, but they can complete your grin with a near lifelike resemblance. Our office utilizes technology that allows us to create custom restorations that are shade-matched to your smile, thus providing a seamless appearance. To learn more about the process and what your options are, contact our team today.

Learn More Today

Losing a few teeth should not have to mean maintaining a broken smile for life. Contact Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, KS by calling 913-681-5500 to learn how you can benefit from a bridge.