A dentist is holding tweezers for dental ceramic veneers and crowns.While routine preventive care is the crux of achieving a healthy smile for life, restorative dentistry has played a major role in making this goal achievable, as a variety of factors can contribute to unhealthy oral structures. Indeed, brushing and flossing are not enough to ensure a healthy appearance, as diet, physical activity, and more play a role in the status of your teeth. That being said, when a tooth experiences harm, trauma, or otherwise becomes compromised, it serves as a weak link that will continue to get worse and affect surrounding structures if left untreated. Fortunately, restorative measures such as a dental crown can be utilized to reinforce your grin, and your Leawood, KS dentist at Dreem Dentistry is prepared to help.

Addressing Cracks

Believe it or not, teeth are actually commonly affected by factors that cause their integrity to become weaker, including fractures, breaks, and even daily wear. What’s more, a broken tooth can cause sharp pain and discomfort when eating food, drinking liquids, or more. Cracked teeth can occur when individuals experience bruxism or grinding if they have had a large dental filling, or even from a root canal treatment. Regardless of the circumstance, cracks should be addressed immediately in order to preserve the affected structure and alleviate any pain or discomfort you are experiencing.

When you receive a dental crown, it is often because the damage that has been done to a tooth is significant enough that it needs to either be capped or removed, though extraction is often the last resort. During your visit, your dentist will carefully but thoroughly clean the affected area so as to remove any traces of harmful oral bacteria that may attempt to infect the structure from within. After this, the dentist will place a shade-matched cap over the area and shape it to fit snugly onto your tooth. Once this has been completed, you are left with a reinforced structure that can protect you from outside harm while also preserving your natural tooth.

Protection from Infection

If an area has been harmed and a crack has formed, it not only causes increased discomfort and sensitivity but also allows an opportunity for harmful bacteria to enter and infect teeth from the inside out. When a crown is placed, however, a tight seal is created so as to prevent bacteria from entering, thus allowing tour tooth to thrive.

Total versus Partial Crowns

When you require a full cap, the affected structure must be modified significantly to allow space for the cap. Nowadays, dentists have the ability to provide a restoration for only the area affected, known as a partial crown. To learn if you qualify for a partial or full cap, contact your dentist today.

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