Zahn Implantat und Prothese Unterkiefer komplettNowadays, restorative dental procedures such as implant dentistry among others are able to assist in enhancing your smile while providing a sturdy line of defense from harm. While losing teeth as an adult is not as common of a phenomenon as one might think, it can be addressed more easily with advanced technology, even when you have many or all structures missing. Our Leawood, KS dentist at Dreem Dentistry can help you restore your grin with a lifelike appearance and functionality, all with the use of dentures secured by implants.


When your dentist places your implant posts, they do so by utilizing advanced technology to strategically determine the optimal placement. The purpose for this is to ensure the success of your restoration, as the post will act as an artificial tooth root once the jaw bone has healed around it, allowing your new structure to absorb the pressure of your bite.  While this makes sense for one or a few teeth, what is the process for addressing total tooth loss? Does this mean that a post will need to be placed for each tooth? Fortunately not, as a much simpler solution known as all-on-four can be utilized to do so without extensive invasion.

When you receive implant-retained dentures, it is similar to receiving conventional dentures in that they’re designed to restore your entire dental ridge. They differ, however, in that they come with the addition of root-like posts that can stabilize your replacement teeth more effectively than the dental adhesive used by traditionals. In other words, your restorations won’t just reestablish your smile’s appearance and ability to bite and chew, but will also restore the vital functions that your teeth roots were once responsible for. This includes stimulating your jawbone when you bite and chew, keeping it strong and healthy after losing multiple teeth.

Less Recovery Time

Another major benefit of this process includes the reduction in recovery time. If every individual structure were addressed with a post, the recovery time would take much longer as a large portion of your jaw would be healing. With only a few posts strategically placed, your grin can heal at a much faster rate as the affected areas do not have sore and sensitive areas in close proximity to interfere. For more information, contact our office today.

Lifelike Results

In addition to the lessened recovery time coupled with the convenience of the procedure, your restorations will be custom crafted to mimic your natural smile with a lifelike appearance and teeth that contain the natural texture and color of your original smile. From a distance, none will be able to tell the difference!

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