Tooth human implant. Dental implantation concept. Human teeth or dentures anddental tools. 3d illustrationExtracting a tooth is almost always a last resort that is usually only considered if your oral health is at risk. When this occurs, however, it is important to have the missing structure replaced, as not doing so can affect your bite, function, and potential for developing future infection. In order to preserve your smile’s safety and restore its function, your Leawood, KS dentist at Dreem Dentistry wants to let you know the benefits of receiving dental implants and ways they can help enhance your grin.

Reconstructing Your Smile

Maintaining your oral health is an ongoing practice that you take part in actively. This means taking the steps necessary to ensure your teeth and surrounding oral structures are properly cared for. Restorative dentistry allows us to fortify and rebuild tooth structure that has been damaged due to decay, physical injury, and even infection, and can assist in bringing your grin back to its natural-looking state.

Restoring a Single Tooth

A popular option for enhancing people’s smiles is a dental implant, as it offers versatility in addressing a variety of dental concerns. When you lose a tooth, you begin to develop an uneven bite as you attempt to accommodate the missing structure. This can cause problems with chewing, biting, enunciation, and even result in bone deterioration due to a missing root. To correct this, a dental implant serves as an artificial root that is strategically placed in the jaw structure, creating a secure bond when the bone heals around the post so as to absorb the pressure of your bite. A custom restoration is created and shade-matched to your grin in order to mimic the natural appearance of your healthy teeth, completing your smile and restoring its function in one sweep.

Addressing Multiple Teeth

Not only can an implant and restoration address a missing tooth, but it can address multiple teeth as well. If you are missing multiple structures next to one another, a dental bridge that is secured by implant posts may be utilized to complete your grin. If they are not in proximity of each other, multiple posts can be placed with single restorations.

Enhancing an Entire Smile

If a few missing structures can be easily addressed with posts, can the same be said if all teeth are gone? Fortunately, the answer is yes! Titanium posts can be utilized to secure partial or even full dentures in a simple method that strategically places them so your denture may be secured with only four posts. This method, known as all-on-four, offers a less extensive procedure as opposed to using a single post for each tooth, making heal time much quicker.

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