Teeth Whitening Leawood KansasYour smile’s appearance is affected by a myriad of factors – from the foods you eat to the beverages you ingest, and even to the activities you participate in. While you may take care to practice good oral health habits to prevent this, the fact of the matter is that over time, it is natural for teeth to lose their shine. With all of this in mind, naturally, your smile will begin to fade and even change color, from a shiny white to a muted yellow or worse. Fortunately, the team at Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, Kansas has a solution for you that is quick, efficient, and can restore the shine you are looking for.

It Brightens Your Smile

Over the course of your life, many factors contribute to the breakdown of enamel and other features meant to protect your teeth. Foods and drinks with a high acid content tend to stain and even wear down each tooth, causing sensitivity. Because of this, many adults can benefit from a tooth-whitening procedure.

This cosmetic process involves applying a highly potent and safe bleaching gel to the teeth. The gel acts to bleach any dulled portions of your oral structures, removing stains, and overall brightening your smile. Not only that, but this simple process is available in-office as well as at home.

It Removes Stains

Many stains can be prevented with general dental care, but the buildup of these blemishes over long periods of time can become difficult to remove with ordinary care if you are choosing to act later rather than sooner. Stains typically form on the tooth’s surface, making them easier to remove, as all it takes is one application to significantly cosmetically enhance your smile.

It Can Be Done in One Visit

The best part about this process is that it has the added convenience of being able to be performed in just one office visit. There are different levels of treatment, of course, that influence exactly how the topical treatment is placed, but each level requires topical placement of the material to the surface of the teeth, followed by leaving it on for a specified period of time. For more information about the different levels of teeth whitening offered, contact our office today.

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Appointment Today

Over time, consistent diet habits and activities cause wear and tear on your teeth causing it to appear dull, dingy, and even lackluster. Fortunately, Dr. Haj-Ali, DDS, and the team at Dreem Dentistry can assist with these problems, offering a cosmetic solution that not only brightens your smile but restores its vibrancy and shine. To learn more about your options, contact our Leawood, Kansas office today by calling (913) 681-5500 for an appointment.