Preventive dental care is the most frequently performed type of dentistry, and for good reason. The best way to keep your smile healthy and beautiful on a consistent basis is to prevent any oral health concerns from developing. However, exactly what preventive dental care means isn’t always clear to everyone. In addition to visiting your dentist on a routine basis for checkups and cleanings, it also takes consistent effort on your part at home, by caring for your teeth and gums on a daily basis.

Sticking to cleanliness every day

One of the most important reasons to visit your dentist routinely is to undergo professional teeth cleaning, during which your dentist or hygienist carefully removes all traces of plaque and tartar from your teeth. Plaque is the accumulation of oral bacteria, food particles, and more that develops on your teeth surfaces, and tartar is its calcified form (often referred to as calculus). You need professional cleaning to remove tartar from your teeth, but you can limit its formation by controlling the buildup of plaque every day. This takes brushing your teeth thoroughly at least twice every day and flossing between them at least once. Skipping this or cleaning your teeth haphazardly can make it easier for tartar to form and threaten your oral health.

Paying attention to warning signs

When you clean your teeth every day, you should do so in front of a well-lit bathroom mirror. This helps you ensure that you’re properly cleaning every surface of your teeth, and also gives you the chance to carefully inspect your teeth and gums in the process. If you notice any changes in how your tooth structure or oral tissues look, it may be a warning of something more serious developing, like tooth decay or gingivitis (the precursor to gum disease). Heed the warning and schedule a visit with your dentist as soon as possible. The faster you treat the condition, the better you can prevent it from causing more serious trouble.

Having open conversations with your dentist

When you visit your dentist, whether for a routine checkup and cleaning or because you’ve noticed warning signs that concern you, speak openly about your daily hygiene routine and any concerns you have. Your dentist is your partner in keeping your smile consistently healthy, and is your best source of information on how to improve your hygiene or address specific oral health risks that you exhibit.

Learn more about the keys of preventive dentistry

With consistent care and maintenance, you have a good chance of preventing most of the common issues that could affect your healthy teeth and gums. To learn more, schedule an appointment with us by calling Dreem Dentistry in Leawood, KS, today at 913-681-5500. We also serve patients who live in Overland Park and all surrounding communities.