Invisible aligners teeth brackets on yellow background with flower shadowTaking care of your smile is an essential process to undertake if you are aiming to maintain a lifelong bill of health. This is largely due to the fact that various oral bacteria and germs are constantly attempting to wreak havoc in your oral cavity, and without preventive intervention, infection and damage are imminent. Indeed, a healthy smile requires work, but this process does not have to ignore your cosmetic needs. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist discusses the cosmetic and preventive benefits of invisible dental aligners and explains why it is essential to address an uneven smile.

Straightening Your Grin

For many people, a healthy smile is one that visibly appears without blemishes, shiny, and of course, symmetrical. The problem arises, however, when structural development does not occur in an even and consistent manner. You see, there are several factors that can influence tooth development, and sometimes, this just so happens to be the hand of cards that we are dealt. While it may seem like nothing more than a surface-level issue, bear in mind that there is actually much more to this phenomenon.

You see, when oral structures overlap one another, they create these hard-to-clean pockets and crevices. Naturally, oral bacteria are drawn to this site and, without treatment to have them consistently removed, will cause infections to fester and spread.

Though it may seem as though there is no treatment to address an uneven smile, on the contrary, dental aligners and devices of the like can work wonders for your grin. To learn more about this process and what it looks like to get started, give our office a call today.

Providing Necessary Protection

Since overlapping structures can lead to harboring more bacteria and plaque, it is essential you seek treatment to address this phenomenon. Fortunately, our team has solutions that can address such needs, all without having to compromise your oral appearance.

Invisible aligners are appliances that are created from a clear plastic material and are used to help guide your teeth into a more ideal position. You see, crooked teeth are less stable in nature, and guiding them into the correct position may be just what you need to ensure a lifelong grin. Moreover, the clear material allows you to sport a natural smile. In fact, many will not even be able to see you are wearing a device from a distance, allowing you to enjoy your natural grin.

Addressing Common Misconceptions

One of the major misconceptions that arises from invisible aligners is that they are an inferior solution to straightening teeth compared with braces or brackets. Though they may have similar goals, clear aligners and braces have different means for achieving this goal. That being said, there is not an inferior or superior option, but rather, different choices based on your needs.

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