Dentistry. Models of human teeth. Preparation for prosthetics. Manufacture of dental prostheses. Installation of implants. Layout of the jaw. The work of a dental technician.It goes without saying that, for most patients, the primary goal for taking excellent care of their teeth is to maintain a lifelong bill of health, as well as a youthful smile. Indeed, losing a natural tooth can be a troubling process for many, but sometimes, extraction may be the only option to salvage your grin in its entirety. Still, failing to seek timely treatment can result in a much worse situation than you initially had on your hands, and for this reason, we recommend seeking treatment as soon as possible. In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist will discuss the benefits of implant-retained prosthetics, including how a dental bridge can complete your smile.

Understanding Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a phenomenon that can affect anyone, especially in instances where routine preventive care is lacking. Indeed, tooth loss can occur due to a physical accident or injury, but the primary cause typically has to do with an infection that has set in and spread beyond repair, rendering a tooth compromised. In cases such as this, a dental extraction may be a viable option to consider so that the infection does not continue to spread to other teeth.

If treatment is not sought in a timely manner, the infection can continue to spread to the surrounding adjacent teeth. At this stage, the process will repeat itself and continue to do so until your entire smile is compromised. Though nobody wants to lose a natural tooth, sometimes it is the sacrifice that must be made for the greater good of prioritizing your oral health. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Spanning Multiple Teeth

Though it may seem as though losing a permanent structure is primarily a cosmetic issue due to the gap in your smile, the truth of the matter is that you will face significant functional and health complications as well. In fact, losing even one structure can throw off your entire bite, and losing more will inevitably be worse. Fortunately, implant prosthetics can help.

Indeed, when dealing with the loss of multiple adjacent structures, no treatment is more helpful than an implant-retained dental bridge. Not only does this complete your smile once more, but the biocompatible implant posts help address your oral function. Contact our team today to learn more.

Lifelike Reinforcement

In addition to the functional and health benefits dental bridge implants have to offer, we utilize material that very closely mimics the natural appearance of your regular teeth. In other words, we can shade-match your restorations to mimic the natural hue of your smile, providing a virtually seamless finish.

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