Beautiful woman with healthy teeth on color background, closeupIt goes without saying that taking care of your smile is a process that should involve a number of steps, as your health is not linear by any means. Indeed, a well-rounded routine takes care to address not only the strength of your teeth but your tissues as well as your gums. But what happens when infection has already set in and began to compromise your health? In today’s blog, your Leawood, KS dentist explains the process of keeping your gums clean and cared for, and how a periodontal cleaning can help.

Prioritizing Your Gum Care

Your oral health is an important aspect to maintain, as it not only leads to a lifelong smile but failing to address oral health issues can eventually lead to larger concerns that impact your overall physical health as well. As such, it is imperative you learn about the major threats to your health and what steps you can take to better prioritize care.

One such important piece of advice that we often provide our patients is that gum care is something that should not be ignored. Indeed, many people justify that if they brush consistently and thoroughly that they do not have to floss, though this notion is incorrect. As a matter of fact, flossing helps you keep harmful bacteria away from your gum line and keeps the tissues surrounding your teeth strong and healthy.

Though tooth decay is among the most common of concerns, gum disease and infection are not phenomena you should completely disregard. You see, oral bacteria tend to feed off of the food items you consume, and if these particles become stuck in your teeth, then bacteria are more likely to be drawn to the gums, increasing your chances of infection. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

A Need for Periodontal Cleaning

Sometimes, however, your preventive routine may fall short or be lacking in one or more areas, and it is at these points that infection and disease take hold. Indeed, individuals that experience the early symptoms of gum infection may notice swollen or bleeding gums, teeth that become alarmingly loose, and even tooth loss altogether. Without care, the situation will continue to worsen beyond a point of return. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Effective Prevention

Periodontal cleanings offer another chance at healthy gums and involve careful cleaning beneath the gum line to remove deposits of plaque and tartar. This process takes a couple of visits to complete and is often an option for those experiencing minor gum inflammation and sensitivity.

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